Melania Trump Appears To Be ‘Tense’ And ‘Anxious’ Around Her Husband Claims Experts

Melania Trump enjoyed a fairly successful year as First Lady, but her public appearances with Donald Trump have sparked rumors of a troubled marriage. Fans have noticed that Melania looks somber and unhappy whenever she’s with Trump, and body language experts couldn’t agree more.

Is Melania Tense Around Trump?

According to Closer Weekly, Melania looks tense and anxious whenever Trump is around. Patti Woods, who wrote the book Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language & Charisma, analyzed Melania’s body language around Trump and believes you can read a lot into what the First Lady thinks about her husband.

“One of the things I noticed about — when I’ve done a comparative analysis of what was her baseline at that time — was that her body language was much more relaxed and grounded, like when she’d hold her arms, they wouldn’t be straight and close to the body,” Wood explained. “Now they’re straight, stiff, tense, and typically close to the body. That combination typically reads as fear and anxiety.”

What Can We Read Into Melania’s Body Language?

Woods believes that Melania holds her arms in a way that is protective, and that Trump usually acts as if she isn’t the room whenever they are in public together. In fact, Melania is often seen walking behind Trump while he addresses the press or audience.

They also rarely show affection in public and are hardly ever spotted holding hands. When they do get close in front of the cameras, Melania usually tenses up and, according to Woods, it’s hard to tell what kind of connection they really share.

Melania Cancels Trip Abroad Amid Cheating Scandal

Body language aside, there is other evidence that points towards a troubled marriage. Melania just canceled her highly anticipated trip to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum. The First Lady was expected to travel abroad with her husband and other members of his staff but canceled because of scheduling conflicts.

The canceled trip comes amid reports that Trump cheated on Melania with former adult film star Stormy Daniels. Melania has not commented on the rumors, despite Daniels’ revealing interview with In Touch back in 2011. Trump has denied the rumors through one of his attorneys, Michael Cohen, who also repeatedly paid Daniels $130,000 in 2016 to keep quiet about the affair.

Melania’s Approval Rating Soars

Despite all the marital rumors, a new poll by CNN shows that Melania’s popularity is steadily on the rise. Melania currently holds an approval rating of around 47 percent, which is significantly better than her husband, whose number is at a historical low of 40 percent.

Last year, Melania’s approval rating soared as high as 52 percent and has stayed at its current rate for a few months. Republicans are naturally Melania’s biggest fans, though a growing number of Democrats are starting to like her. Trump, on the other hand, continues to be a polarizing force in America and hardly has any Democrats on his side.

Trump has denied the rumors surrounding his marriage. The approval rating poll questioned over 1,000 random adults across the United States.

Melania Trump has not commented on the Stormy Daniels affair rumors or the accusations by Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff that her husband is currently cheating on her.

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