‘The Division’ Ambush Global Event Now Underway With New Modifiers, Classified Items


Loot new Classified Gear set pieces, master new modifiers, and earn new face masks in the latest Global Event in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The fourth event, entitled Ambush, is live now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can find Classified versions of the final four gear sets including the AlphaBridge, FireCrest, Hunter’s Faith, and Tactician’s Authority sets. Additionally, agents can earn new cosmetic items like a new outfit and three masks for playing during the event.

While the Ambush Global Event is active, players of The Division will need to consider three new modifiers. The basic Ambush modifier is on throughout the game. It makes players do more damage so long as they are stationary, according to the game’s official site. Two optional modifiers are also available when setting up missions. The Covert Ambush modifier includes the basic modifier and makes players lose health when they move. Finally, the third modifier, Strategic Ambush, includes the previous two and diminishes players’ health when they stand near another player.

As usual, a number of Commendations can be earned during the Ambush Global Event. These achievements in The Division reward new vanity masks and patches. Defeating bosses, killing foes, and completing missions under certain conditions offer these rewards. The Motion Blur, Personal Space, and Statuesque Commendations reward the Bug mask, Haze mask, and the Cage mask respectively.

Tom Clancy's The Division Global Event on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
Featured image credit: Ubisoft

Earn Global Event tokens by completing missions both within and outside of the Ambush playlist. Buy Global Event Caches from the base for a chance to earn the new Classified Gear and Exotic items. All missions rewards tokens, but the missions in the playlist also count toward earning unique commendations. These missions include Broadway Emporium, Dragon’s Nest, Police Academy, Queens Tunnel Camp, and Times Square Power Relay.

Players only have a week to experience what the Ambush event has to offer. The Global Event will end on January 30 making the masks unobtainable. The Classified Gear set pieces added in the event will remain the game’s loot pools, though.

As the Inquisitr reported, developers will begin to balance Classified items now that all existing gear sets have Classified variants. Any changes made to the sets will be announced before they are finalized. There are even plans to continue adding content to The Division for its third year of operation.