‘The Division’ Global Event Starts Later This Month, Adding The Remaining Classified Gear Sets

With the 1.8 update out now, developers and players of Tom Clancy’s The Division are looking ahead to more content for the third-person shooter. In the latest state of the game address, the fourth Global Event is dated alongside a little developer discussion on issues close to the game. The upcoming Global Event is Ambush and it is adding the remainder of the existing sets as classified gear.

The Ambush event will begin on January 23 and end a week later. During the event, players will be able to loot classified versions of the AlphaBridge, Hunter’s Faith, FireCrest, and Tactician’s Authority sets. Like all Global Events in The Division, three modifiers and an event playlist will be available.

The base modifier, which is always running during the event, increases agents’ damage when they are stationary. The second modifier complicates things by making players lose health when they move. The third modifier includes the previous conditions, while also lowering players’ damage if they are close to each other.

After the final four gear sets are introduced as classified items, developers will begin to balance the sets again, according to the official site. Any rumored changes to the sets at this point are not official. When balancing on the classified sets begin, players will be notified beforehand in announcements like state of the game addresses.

Aside from announcing the final Global Event, developers of The Division also touched on what is to come for the game. The 1.8 update is still relatively new, but there will be more content for the shooter in its third year. Nothing is ready to be announced yet, but players can be sure that there is more planned for the game. Developers also note that future “state of the game” updates may also contain a focus on community projects when there is less information on the game to provide.

The Division did undergo maintenance today alongside the state of the game address. The Skirmish bug keeping players without DLC from accessing the mode is now rectified. All players should have access to the Skirmish PvP mode regardless of any DLC ownership.

Again, the fourth Global Event begins on January 23 and ends on January 30. Global Event Ambush starts about a month after the previous Global Event. As the Inquisitr reported, the previous event began and ended in December. Third year content is coming to The Division, but developers are not ready to discuss specifics yet.

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