‘This Is Us’ Tonight: Will This Be The Night That Jack’s Death Is Shown? Fans, Teaser Suggest As Much

For the past two seasons of its existence, the hit NBC TV series This Is Us has focused on the life of the Pearson family — both in the past and in the present — with one very important distinction: Jack Pearson, the patriarch of the family played brilliantly by Milo Ventimiglia, is no longer with the family in the present day.

And though there have been hints about Jack’s death throughout the seasons, the episode of This is Us tonight — entitled “That’ll Be The Day” — will allegedly be the night that we finally see, once and for all, how Jack Pearson died.

There are a number of reasons why fans and critics believe that the episode of This Is Us tonight will feature the death of our beloved Jack, according to PopSugar.

First, and foremost, multiple sources close to the set have confirmed that Season 2 will, in fact, be the season that Jack’s death is shown. Tonight’s This Is Us is the 12th episode of an 18-episode season, meaning it’s more likely than not that tonight will show the full impact of Jack’s death.

Second, there’s no question at this point that the Pearson family smoke detector — which is missing its batteries; batteries which Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore) forgot to get when they went to the mall — plays a part in the death. The extent to which these missing batteries and this non-functioning smoke detector play a part in Jack’s death, however, remains to be seen.

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, the next episode of the show will air on February 4 — Super Bowl Sunday — and the producers have promised that this episode will “lean into football.” This Is Us is getting the most coveted spot in the post-game — and it would make sense that the show would focus not only on football, and not only on the Super Bowl, but on the aftermath of Jack’s death.

For these reasons, fans, critics, and even the show’s own teaser (remember, “That’ll Be the Day” — the title of the episode — comes from a line from the infamous Buddy Holly song of the same name that concludes “…that I’ll die”) suggest that This Is Us tonight will be a tear-jerker that will feature the demise of one of the most beloved characters on television today.

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