Amy Duggar Says She Doesn’t Know If Any Duggar Kids Will ‘Break Free,’ Addresses The Women’s ‘Soft’ Voices

Amy Duggar King, famous for being the Duggar family’s rowdy cousin, recently spoke to Kate Casey on her podcast, where she answered several questions about life with her 19 cousins which revealed a few surprising revelations.

Kate Casey asked the Duggar cousin several hard hitting questions about life as the cousin to the famous mega-clan and ultra-Christian family. The reality TV show star answered a few questions about her career and what life is like as the cousin to the famous brood of 19.

Cousin Amy is the oldest in the family, a few years older than Josh, the eldest Duggar son. She dabbled in reality TV on her own, when she appeared on a show that chronicled her life in search of fame as a country singer. Ultimately, she says, she quit searching for the spotlight after several record labels wanted to sign her, but make her out to be the “rebellious” and “sexy” Duggar.

She told Kate she first appeared on the show by accident when a producer noticed her while she was going to pick up her grandmother. He noticed her wild and carefree spirit and asked if she wanted to chaperone Josh and Anna on a date while they were courting. She confessed that she’s not a great person for the job, as she would just let the pair do whatever they wanted to do.

Amy confessed that although the Duggar children are not allowed to watch TV like she does, nor are they allowed to go to the movies, she and Jessa Duggar Seewald have been fans of the TV show I Love Lucy for a long time. The pair of them, she says, often make jokes about it. It is uncertain, then, if the Duggar children are allowed to watch some secular TV as long as it is approved by the parents.

Amy Duggar also addressed the high-pitched voices Michelle and her daughters possess. According to Amy, she says she’s not sure why they speak that way, but that sometimes she “feels like a man” when she is over at their house and wonders if they think she is abrasive.

The Duggar family has also been under fire for their homeschooling, which many feel is not adequate as none of the children have “expressed interest” in going to college. Amy told Kate that the Duggar children are smart, but she doesn’t know anything about the homeschooling curriculum that Michelle and Jim Bob use.

She also stated that this lifestyle is the only one that they know, and therefore they are not super interested in pursuing a life outside of the Duggar family’s culture.

When asked if the girls of the family wanted to pursue careers, she said it was a private matter and she didn’t feel comfortable answering the questions. Kate, however, pressed Amy and told her if they were on TV, their lives couldn’t be especially private. Amy then turned the conversation to herself, and said she would rather talk about herself and her husband than answer for her family.

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