Faith Stowers Drops A Bomb About James Kennedy And Logan’s Relationship

Faith Stowers has worked with SUR with all of the Vanderpump Rules stars, but it sounds like she’s finally finding her voice. She hasn’t been on the show until this season when she dropped the bomb that she had slept with Jax Taylor several times. Brittany Cartwright was heartbroken after learning that Jax had cheated on her, but Faith wasn’t just admitting to the affair. She also shared a recording where Jax was caught talking about how he didn’t find Brittany attractive and didn’t want to have children with her. It was heartbreaking, but Stowers didn’t lie about anything. In fact, she was telling the truth.

Last night as Vanderpump Rules aired on Bravo, Faith decided to tweet out a picture of herself and Logan. Logan is friends with James Kennedy and throughout the episode, James’ friends hinted that perhaps more was going on between them. Logan almost seemed jealous at the thought that Kennedy was spending time with his girlfriend, Raquel. But as it turns out, Faith believes that there may be a reason for Logan’s behavior. According to a new tweet, Faith Stowers is now hinting that something did happen between James and Logan, which is why he’s acting so weird.

In her tweet, Faith Stowers hints that James has indeed hooked up with Logan. She shared a photo with Logan with the caption that Logan had opened the door. Perhaps she’s revealing that Logan has dished the details about his relationship with James. While Kennedy has every right to be bisexual or bi-curious, it seems odd to call him out on national television and on Twitter. There have been discussions about how the women on The Real Housewives franchise are expressing homophobic behavior, as they make fun of people who are curious. However, it is wrong for him to cheat, so he should have been honest with Raquel if it did happen.

Faith Stowers may not make an appearance on Vanderpump Rules anymore, but it sounds like her actions are causing quite the ripple effect with the cast. Jax Taylor was caught cheating and now James Kennedy may have been exposed cheating on his girlfriend with his best friend.

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