Duggar Family Slammed For ‘Generic’ Birthday Wishes To Joseph Duggar, And Bragging About Trip With Kids

Duggar family is now in New Zealand after having a great time in Australia. This was the Duggars’ first time in these countries, especially with all the young kids in tow. Not everyone made it to the trip as most of the Duggars over the age of 18 are married, expecting a baby or already have a family of their own. However, it looks like Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar’s messages to the kids left behind at home, in particular, the ones celebrating the birthday, have been criticized by the fans of Counting On.

The family celebrated two birthdays since they started their trip to Down Under. At first, they marked the 28th birthday of Jana and John-David Duggar, the oldest and unmarried twins. While Jana went to Australia with her family, John decided to stay in Arkansas where, as a licensed pilot, he can take his own trips across the country.

The next birthday boy was Joseph, who recently got married to Kendra Caldwell. His wife is expecting for the first time, which may be the reason why he decided to forego on the trip. He turned 23-years-old and, to make the day even more special for their son, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recorded a video message for him.


However, their video got criticized for its “generic” content, which was not something new for the loyal fans of Counting On. The followers, who long believed that having 19 kids meant that the parents could not possibly get to really know all of them personally, were quick to point out their shortcomings.

“You always give such generic wishes, like you don’t really know your kids,” one fan wrote. “Oh wait…”

“In all seriousness, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that birthdays are all so canned and repetitious,” another commented. “They celebrate one once every two to three weeks basically. Like, of course, they all will meld together if you let them, and why wouldn’t 19 individuals do the same thing in your mind. Again, just proof that parents can’t be spread between 19 kids and have a relationship with each one on a deep and personal level.”

Others remarked on how they spent more time talking about their trip and meeting a Jay Leno lookalike than actually paying attention to the fact that it was Joseph’s birthday.

A fan commented, “Was this a happy birthday to Joe or a moment to brag where you were having fun at?”

“One of the oddest birthday messages ever,” others chimed in. “Whose birthday was it anyway? All they did was brag about their vacation and the weather and meeting a Jay Leno look alike.”

Right now, the Duggar family is busy preparing for another meetup in New Zealand at a local church.


It is unclear when the Duggars will return to the U.S.

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