Melania Trump Champions Only One Cause — ‘Her Own,’ Claims Biting New Report

As Melania Trump finishes out her first year as the First Lady of the nation, she has made an impressive jump when it comes to the statistics of her approval rating. And while the majority of the articles and reports about Melania have been more positive lately, there are still some people out there who see Melania as a woman whose number one task is to take care of herself.

A new report from Culture takes a stroll down memory lane through Melania Trump’s first year as the nation’s first lady. They bring up the topic of cyberbullying, a topic that was seemingly high-up on Melania’s to-do list when first arriving at the White House.

According to Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus, she believes Melania Trump’s cause is nothing more than”the height of spoiled self-centeredness.” She goes on with what appears to be a rather negative outlook on Melania by saying the following.

“Melania is “a very privileged, wealthy woman looking only at herself, who clearly has no thoughts or care for the people her husband has damaged, ruined, and traumatized by his cyberbullying.”

Jacobus believes that Melania Trump champions a cause only when it benefits her and she uses cyberbullying as an example. She said that Melania speaks volumes about her anti-cyberbullying intentions if actions truly speak louder than words. Jacobus points to what the First Lady did when it came to the cyberbullying cause she wanted to tackle.

Jacobus said, “The only action Melania Trump has taken in regard to cyberbullying is in regard to herself.” She was cyberbullied and successfully settled with a “blogger” for a “substantial sum,” which is revealed by her lawyer. Not only did she sue the blogger, but she sued the Daily Mail for reporting the claim to the tune of $150 million, reports Culture.

Jacobus claims that Melania Trump took care of the cyberbullying that came her way and claimed in her lawsuit that “the defamatory statement destroyed her ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to make millions during this ‘multiyear term’ in which she is ‘one of the most photographed women in the world.'” But Jacobus adds, “So far, it seems Trump’s reputation is doing OK.”

That brings the article to the tweet Melania Trump posted for her one-year anniversary of wearing the hat of the First Lady. Her tweet did not offer a picture of Melania and her husband. As you can see in the above tweet, she instead, “included a picture of herself with a young, handsome military officer escorting her down the steps,” reports Culture.

Journalist Helen Kennedy liked the idea that Melania left Trump out of that picture and out of her message all together that she posted to celebrate her first year as the first lady. Kennedy tweeted, “I can get behind a bitterly passive aggressive FLOTUS.”

According to Marie Claire, not only did she leave Trump out of her picture commemorating her first year as FLOTUS, but she made no mention of the man she is married to and the one who put her in the White House, Donald Trump.

Social media users were quick on the draw when it came to picking up on what was missing from Melania’s tweet and the photo that went along with it. Her “year filled with wonderful moments” comment was matched by, “Somewhat of a Stormy first year, wouldn’t you say Mel?” Which is seen on Marie Clair.

The comments coming from a Yahoo News article are plentiful about Melania not including her husband in the celebratory tweet of her first year as First Lady. People are predicting a divorce looming and they are also suggesting that Melania is very unhappy with her lot in life. The same holds true for the comments on social media sites. Without any mention of her president husband, Melania’s tweet has sparked a flood of speculation today.

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