‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘Big Brother’ Will Be ‘Overhauled’ Not Cancelled Say UK Network Bosses

Recently, the Internet has been abuzz with reports that the Big Brother franchise, including Celebrity Big Brother, would be coming to an abrupt end in the U.K. After a number of fans expressed shock and outrage at the possibility of losing these reality show staples, network and production executives are speaking out. The network bosses are now claiming the popular franchise will not be axed, but instead face some changes.

CBB UK and the regular summer edition of Big Brother have aired in the U.K. since 2001. The reality franchise was canceled by Channel 4 in 2010 but was picked up by Channel 5 in 2011, which has been home for the series ever since.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors that Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother were both coming to an end were fueled by statements made by Channel 5’s director of programming, Ben Frow, according to Deadline. He announced at the Edinburgh International TV Festival in August 2017 that he would be “much happier” if Big Brother was no longer part of the channel’s lineup. Nevertheless, Frow also admitted loving the ratings the Big Brother franchise brings to the network.

On Monday, the Metro reported that Channel 5 executives now say that CBB UK and Big Brother will not be cut from the station’s lineup. They argue the franchise is a “major feature of the channel” and feel the contract for the franchise will be renewed when it runs out later in 2018.

Endemol Shine produces the show in the U.K. and its Chief Executive Richard Johnston told Deadline that the company’s best “creative brains” are coming up with ideas in order to “overhaul” the Big Brother format. He added they are “totally committed” to working with Channel 5 executives to make the reality franchise as “brilliant and relevant as it can… be.”

Although CBB UK has been around for almost two decades, equal to its regular Big Brother counterpart, the U.S. version of Celebrity Big Brother is set to begin its first American run in just a few weeks. It has been highly anticipated by fans, but it is certain CBS bosses will be closely examining the ratings to determine if it will return or be shelved like the experimental fall 2016 online version of the reality show, Big Brother: Over the Top.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres on February 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. The longtime host of the Big Brother franchise, Julie Chen, returns to take the helm of CBB US as well.

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