Amber Portwood Doesn’t See Leah Often But She’s Criticized For Not Spending $50,000 For A Lawyer

Amber Portwood has announced she’s pregnant with her second child, as she got pregnant rather fast with her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. For years, this Teen Mom OG star dated Matt Baier, who had plenty of kids from previous relationships. While he had told Amber he only had two, Gary Shirley learned that many women were suing him for child support. As it turns out, he has upwards of seven children. Perhaps it was the dead-beat father label that resulted in Amber breaking things off with him, but it sounds like she has found love with a new man. Now, she’s expecting a son, but fans are hoping she will get more time with her daughter Leah.

For years, Amber has fought for more time with her daughter. She has frequently asked Gary Shirley to pick her up from school, letting Leah sleep at her house, and just spending more time with her. However, Gary has been firm since he has cared for Leah while Amber was battling depression. Since he’s not eager to change their custody agreement, Amber would have to get legal help. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing she would have to dish out thousands of dollars on a lawyer to change their arrangement.

“People fail to realize that my time is every Wednesday and every other weekend so I don’t get to see Leah like I want. I’m also told by Gary and Kristina that I’m not aloud to take her on school nights etc. So unless you spend about 40-50k on a lawyer that’s all I get…” Amber Portwood revealed on Twitter, to which she received a few hateful tweets.

“WOW!!! You should’ve just kept your mouth shut because now you really seem like a bad mom!! Not wanting to spend 30-50k to fight for your daughter but willing to go on trips with your boyfriend and buy new cars,” one person wrote to Amber, while another added, “$40-50k should be easy for you as you make more money than we can dream of, you have no problem buying a diamonds, a Range Rover & Corvette, going on trips with your men, but Leah is not worth fighting for??”

Of course, Amber makes a lot of money and fans know that while $50,000 is a lot of money, it’s only a fraction of her total Teen Mom OG earnings. However, throughout the years, Amber has invested in real estate, in her business, and on assets, such as her cars. It’s possible that $50,000 is a lot of money for a lawyer, where the answer isn’t a certainty. Plus, Portwood may be concerned that she will spend the money on a lawyer, but a judge will say that she’s not fit to have Leah. A judge could use her past to argue as to why Amber shouldn’t have her daughter. Perhaps Portwood is scared to go to court because she’s worried about the outcome.

Amber Portwood has expressed no desire to hire a lawyer to get Leah back, but fans encourage her to do it. In fact, they are surprised she isn’t doing more to get her daughter back, given her net worth could be in the millions.

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