Maci Bookout And Ryan Edwards: Fans Want To Know If Bentley Is Seeing His Father Again

Maci Bookout revealed she was angry with Ryan Edwards for driving under the influence while filming Teen Mom OG, because she didn’t know whether he had done the same with their son, Bentley. When Maci learned about his addiction, she decided to put her foot down and asked Ryan to get help with his addiction. Even though Bookout wanted the best for Ryan, his wife Mackenzie Standifer and his parents didn’t see it that way. Mackenzie accused her of being an enabler by sharing it on the show, while his parents were furious about her protecting Bentley. On Teen Mom OG, Ryan’s father lashed out at Maci, slamming her for keeping Bentley away from them.

According to new Instagram comments, Maci Bookout is now facing some tough questions from fans. They want to know whether Maci has allowed Ryan’s parents to see Bentley again. They felt betrayed and targeted, as they lost time with their grandson because of Ryan’s pill addiction. However, Bookout hasn’t said anything publicly about the situation, and it’s possible she’s keeping it quiet for now as she could be starting the new season of the show soon. It’s also possible she’s keeping it private to protect her son Bentley.

“I hope Bentley is seeing his dad and grandparents again. I understand what you’re doing Maci, it’s just so sad,” one person wrote on one of Maci’s Instagram posts, while another added, “Is Mackenzie Edwards KICKED OFF THE SHOW YET? WHERE IS THE PETITION???”

Bentley is getting older now, so it’s possible he understands what his father is going through. It’s possible that he understands his father has a drug problem and won’t be able to see him until he gets better. But fans believe that she should let Jen and Larry see their grandson, as they aren’t guilty. Several people have also called for Mackenzie Standifer to leave the show. Apparently, people aren’t happy that she’s taking up parts of Maci’s storyline on the show. The footage appears to be split down the middle, as Mackenzie is Ryan’s voice in this entire scandal. It’s possible that she will continue to have a storyline on the show, even though she’s not an official cast member. She’s currently planning her second wedding with Ryan Edwards.

Maci Bookout probably won’t address any personal issues on Twitter or Instagram, especially when she’s under contract with MTV for Teen Mom OG.

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