Briana DeJesus Tweets About Being Under Pressure: There’s A Possible Connection To ‘Teen Mom 2’

Briana DeJesus has filmed Teen Mom 2 for a single season, but it sounds like she’s already facing plenty of backlash from fans. Many people are tired of her complaining about money, as she wants her children’s fathers to pay their respective child support. But things didn’t get much better when she started dating her Teen Mom 2 co-star’s ex-husband. While filming the reunion special in Los Angeles, Briana and Javi Marroquin started dating and it sounds like they had a blast for a few months. However, they both announced last week that they were splitting up, as they weren’t on the same page about their relationship.

Both were quick to set the record straight and Briana hinted that Marroquin was controlling, something that Kailyn Lowry had previously said about her ex-husband. According to a new tweet, Briana DeJesus is now revealing that she’s feeling stressed out. Perhaps she’s stressed out because she’s a single mother of two daughters, but she could also be stressed out because Teen Mom 2 fans are sharing their opinions about their breakup. As it turns out, many people feel that she’s not as likeable as they remembered from 16 & Pregnant. She hasn’t been invited into the MTV family as many would expect. Fans could sense the drama at the reunion special filmed last fall.

“People always think that having more is always better… I never understood that logic,” Briana revealed on Twitter, adding later in a separate tweet, “Under way too much pressure and I just don’t want to break.”

While Briana DeJesus admitted that she felt she was under too much pressure, she also explained that she didn’t understand the logic of more being better. It’s possible that she’s talking about Teen Mom 2 as she has more money in her bank account these days compared to when she wasn’t filming the show. But it’s possible that her life isn’t that much different. She couldn’t understand that more is better, as she may have more money but she doesn’t have more happiness. It’s possible she’s not exactly happy these days, as she broke up with Javi Marroquin just last week.

Briana DeJesus could be returning to Teen Mom 2 next season. It’s unknown why MTV decided to bring Briana onto the show, but fans are starting to enjoy her story, even though she may be unrelatable to many.

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