Trump ‘Working’ At Empty Desk In White House During Shutdown, Gets Compared To Obama’s Working Photos

The name of a new article shared by the White House’s website is titled “Photos of President Donald J. Trump Working in the White House During the Democrat Shutdown.” However, some people on social media have taken the photos and added their own interpretations to the images, especially the first picture that shows President Trump supposedly speaking “on the phone in the Oval Office receiving the latest updates from Capitol Hill on negotiations to end the Democrats government shutdown.”

The awkwardness of the photo, which shows Trump looking directly into the camera and sitting at an empty desk, is being noted by certain individuals on Twitter, who find the photo odd. Others are turning to Photoshop to add their own interpretation to the photos, like the NSFW image of Stormy Daniels superimposed on Trump’s desk. One Twitter user joked that Trump was on the phone with First Lady Melania Trump, as seen below, asking if Melania knew where the hat on his head could be found.

As noted by Matt Fuller of HuffPost in his below tweet, Trump’s team allegedly does not know how to stage photos.

Folks are quipping that former President Barack Obama’s photographer, Pete Souza, didn’t face such a problem, since photos like the one below appeared to catch Obama in a candid moment while working without seemingly staging awkward photos.

As reported by Vox, all sorts of comparisons to Trump and characters from The Simpsons and other cartoons are being made in the wake of the White House releasing the photos of the president allegedly hard at work during the shutdown.

BuzzFeed reports that the photo of Trump supposedly working at an empty desk while staring straight into the camera reminds the public of a posed stock image of a person attempting to convey a work pose or someone who was allowed to visit the White House and pose for a picture like a tourist. All sorts of jokes are flowing into social media about Trump’s alleged “working photo,” with one Twitter user likening Trump to a 7-year-old boy playing a game called “Mister Man.”

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