Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Marriage Falls Apart: Jen’s Pal Jimmy Kimmel Plays Shocking Role [Rumors]

Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Brad Pitt infamously fell apart after just five years, amid rumors that Angelina Jolie was involved in the breakup. When she married Justin Theroux, Jennifer’s fans hoped that the second time would be the charm. But in recent months, rumors have soared that Aniston’s second marriage is headed for the same fate as her first, reported New Idea.

“[Jennifer Aniston] is struggling to cope with the reality that her marriage has ‘crumbled’ two years after the couple walked down the aisle. It was supposed to be second time lucky for Jen, whose marriage to Brad Pitt infamously imploded after he fell for Angelina Jolie.”

But there reportedly is help for Jennifer as her marriage to Justin is crumbling. Aniston has enjoyed a long friendship with Jimmy Kimmel, and an insider told Radar Online that Kimmel has stepped up to try to save Jennifer. Jimmy reportedly has a very different relationship with Theroux than he does with Aniston.

Jimmy Kimmel Warns Justin Theroux About What Could Happen

“Jimmy loves Justin, but that’s because he made Jen happy and he’s only friends with Justin as long as he keeps doing that,” clarified the source.

Kimmel issued a warning to Theroux, according to the insider. Jimmy reportedly told Jennifer’s husband that if he ruins his marriage to Aniston, Justin will earn a place on Kimmel’s “personal s**t list.” However, that warning should not be interpreted as an attempt by the late night talk show host to take on the role of relationship therapist and try to patch together Aniston’s and Theroux’s crumbling marriage, clarified the insider.

Brad Pitt allegedly reunited with Jennifer Aniston, adding to her rumored marriage problems with Justin Theroux.

Instead, Jimmy reportedly has become Jennifer’s supporter, and in his role as Team Aniston leader, he wants to boost her self-esteem. Kimmel is concerned about how Jennifer will handle yet another marriage breakup. He wants to make sure that Jennifer knows that he will support her regardless of what happens with Justin, added the source.

“This isn’t a case of Jimmy trying to play marriage counselor and get these two back together. It is about Jimmy being very clear to Jen that he’s got her back no matter what happens with Justin.”

Although celebrities are accustomed to receiving flattery that isn’t necessarily sincere, that’s not the case with Kimmel’s discussions with Jennifer. The insider emphasized that Jimmy’s feelings for Aniston are heartfelt.

Jimmy Kimmel Advises Jennifer Aniston On Her Future, Even If Her Marriage Fails

During their chats, Kimmel repeatedly tells Jennifer that if her marriage to Theroux falls apart, Aniston “can have any man she wants,” added the source. When it comes to how Jennifer responds, she appreciates his attempts to boost her spirits and make her feel good about her future, according to the insider.

“If things don’t work out with Justin, [Jimmy Kimmel’s] flattery goes a long way with Jen.”

In addition to Aniston getting help from Kimmel, sources told Radar that Jennifer and Justin wrapped up the winter holidays with a “face-to-face showdown.” Aniston’s and Theroux’s battle reportedly could lead to a $225 million divorce. One insider described the alleged showdown as the “fight to end all fights.”

What Led To Jennifer Aniston’s And Justin Theroux’s Marriage Problems? Brad Pitt Enters Picture

While many couples have disagreements, the source said that this time, it was different. Jennifer’s and Justin’s argument allegedly “spiraled out of control, and Jen flipped out,” added the source.

When it comes to what caused Jennifer and Justin to be so close to divorce that Jimmy Kimmel felt he needed to get involved, the Hollywood Gossip reported that there are a number of rumored factors in their troubled marriage.

As the Inquisitr reported, rumors of Aniston reuniting with her ex-husband Brad Pitt soared soon after his split from Angelina Jolie. Jennifer reportedly sent him a text message, to which Brad responded. Justin Theroux has admitted in interviews that the drama resulting from Pitt’s and Jolie’s split has been stressful.

Consequently, some are putting part of the blame for Jennifer’s marriage trouble on Brad Pitt. However, those reports also allege that Aniston and Theroux were already having relationship problems before Brad “entered the picture,” pointed out the publication. When Pitt reunited with Jennifer, however, it reportedly made those relationship troubles even worse.

In addition to blaming Brad, some reports allege that Aniston and Theroux have been apart for most of the time. Although they recently reunited for a vacation, it was with a big group of buddies to smooth over their marriage problems, according to the media outlet. Some believe it’s only a matter of when, not if, Jennifer and Justin will divorce.

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