Melania Trump Celebrates One Year As First Lady, And Being Increasingly More Popular Than Donald Trump

Melania Trump easily eclipsed her husband in popularity during her first year in Washington. New polls show that Melania is more popular than both Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. But how does Melania stack up to other First Ladies in their first year in office?

More Americans Like Melania Over Trump

According to YouGov, Melania is more popular than Trump amongst both Republicans and Democrats. She currently holds a 48 percent approval rating while Trump is sitting at 43 percent. Although Melania is faring better than any other Trump in the White House, her numbers aren’t as good as Michelle Obama’s back in 2010.

Michelle had a 57 percent favorable rating, though it should be noted that Barack Obama also had a better rating than Trump. When it comes to bipartisan opinion, Melania and Michelle both hung around 60 percent approval from their party opposition.

Melania Celebrates A Successful Year As First Lady

Melania recently celebrated her first year as First Lady with a special post on Instagram. Melania recalled some of her best moments last year and managed to round up over 120,000 likes. She didn’t, however, mention anything about Trump, who is really hurting the polls at the moment. Melania also decided to leave Trump out of the picture she posted alongside the caption, instead opting for a shot of her walking with an army officer.

Trump Struggles During First Year In Office

Trump, of course, has had a rough time in his first year in Washington. Between all of his policy changes and controversial tweets, Trump’s approval rating has ebbed and flowed more than any president in recent history. Trump’s ties with the Russian collusion controversy is one reason behind his low ratings, but his decision to go against the Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) program also lost a lot of supporters.

While Trump believes he is a genius — and made sure everyone knew it on Twitter — most Americans aren’t sure he is fit for office. In a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News, 73 percent of Americans said Trump is not a genius, and only 48 percent of the people thought he is smart enough to be president and run the country.

Trump’s Approval Rating Lowest In Decades

Trump’s assertion that he is a genius was directly related to Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, which questioned Trump’s mental stability. The book highlighted some of Trump’s controversial moves over the past year and blasted his marriage with Melania.

Trump has denounced the book as being completely fabricated, but it still hurt him in the ratings department. A year into his presidency and Trump’s national approval rating is just over 36 percent. You have to go back to Gerald Ford, who had a 45 percent approval rating, to find a comparable score after the first year in office.

Trump has plenty of time to turn things around, but he’ll probably never catch Melania Trump, whose approval continues to rise.

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