‘Sister Wives’ News: The Brown Family Admits That Some Of Them Want To Move Back To Utah

The Brown family from Sister Wives made a big move to Las Vegas to get away from Utah when they were having issues with the law. Now, it turns out that Kody Brown wants to move back to Utah, but all of his wives are not for it. Tonight, on a new episode of Sister Wives, they talked about what he wants to do.

On this new episode, Maddie and Caleb Brush announced that they have a baby on the way and that they are also moving to Las Vegas so they can be close to family with the new baby. They can finish school and they will have the baby around family. Kody explained that this is why he bought the big houses, to which Robyn pointed out meant that they can’t move.

It was then explained that Kody has been on a kick about wanting to move from Las Vegas. It was pretty obvious that Christine is not for it. They said he has been saying this for about a year. Christine says the kids are doing well and they love their houses.

Kody then went on to say that he wanted to move to southern Utah. Robyn explained that she didn’t know if Maddie moving there was going to fix it and Kody said he was still looking at property in Utah. Robyn was very open to moving and said she always thought they would be moving back at some point. She does miss the church and community that they had when they were there.

Kody Brown went on to explain that when they moved to Las Vegas, they sued the state of Utah and won. The lawsuit is currently in the court of appeals, so right now they couldn’t even move back to Utah if they wanted to do it. Janelle Brown went on to explain that they never meant for Vegas to be forever and Christine was very done with Utah and said she won’t move back. Meri wasn’t there for the conversation, so it could be very interesting to see how this turns out.


For now, it looks like the Brown family of Sister Wives is still in Las Vegas. Don’t miss new episodes on Sunday nights on TLC.

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