Kim And Kanye Offered Chicago West Twitter Handle For New Baby — It’s A Freebie Offering From A Farmer

He’s the rightful owner of the “Chicago West” name on Twitter, but because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their new baby the same, Jon Wyatt has offered up the Twitter handle to the baby’s famous parents. Wyatt, who is a grain farmer, took @ChicagoWest when his name was already in use on Twitter.

He explains that at the time he had just decided to leave Chicago and go west to the mountains, so his @ChicagoWest Twitter handle was born. Chicago is Kanye West’s hometown and while the baby is called Chicago, her nickname is already in place. The family will call her Chi (Shy) instead of the full name Chicago.

With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wealth constantly flaunted, Wyatt may have surprised some folks that he is not looking for any money for the Twitter handle. He said it just wouldn’t “feel right to sell it,” according to TMZ. According to headline news today, the money is flowing when it comes to the birth of this new baby.

Starting with Kim and Kanye offering up a very extravagant and expensive “push present” to their surrogate mother, according to Hollywood Life. The baby was born in January and her birthstone is a ruby, so they are having a ruby pendant designed for the surrogate mother and they are calling it a “push present.” There is a lot of sentiment behind this gift as Kim and Kanye cannot say enough nice things about the woman who carried their baby for them.

Elite Daily reported that Kris Jenner, who is Kim Kardashian’s mom, has spent over $10,000 on baby gifts for Chicago West. She spent that money at the West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor. This is a luxury store where Kris did most of her shopping for the new baby back in late December. She got an early jump on it knowing the baby’s birth was still weeks away, according to Elite, but as some of the orders were “custom,” she wanted them done in time for the baby’s arrival.

Earlier this week when Kim and Kanye announced the birth of their daughter Chicago West, Kim Kardashian decided to do something a little bit different to celebrate the birth of their third child. She took to the camera stark naked in celebration of the birth, as seen in the posted image above. Kim stripped down and posed in the nude, as reported on an earlier Inquisitr article.

This is one time that Kim won’t be struggling to lose the baby weight after the birth of one of her children. As a new mother, she appears in great shape, which is what many of her fans are posting on her latest Instagram pictures.

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