Melania Trump Imaged In Humiliating Cartoon With President Trump Depicted On All Fours

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the humiliation people attempt to rain down around Melania Trump and while many of the headlines are full of accusations that point to Donald Trump, Melania is seen as a victim in the background through no fault of her own by Trump supporters. posted a Darcy cartoon depicting Donald Trump in a dog house and he apparently got there via the latest problems he is facing. In the center of the cartoon sits the image of a scowling Melania Trump.

Melania Trump wasn’t accused 0f hanging out with a porn star, and she certainly wasn’t captured in pictures used to accuse her of putting her hairdo before the comfort of her spouse. Yet all these accusations that encompassed Trump this week are putting Melania in a humiliating light, suggests Mercury News.

A commenter on the Mercury News article found all this “odd.”

“I don’t remember the breathless stories of a humiliated Hillary after the news finally broke of Bill bedding an intern in the Oval Office or the multiple women accusing him of sexual assault and rape.”

This commenter went on to say that Hillary turned it around on the women who were accusing her husband.

The latest cartoon coming from Jeff Darcy depicts Melania Trump with a scowl inside the White House, with her husband Donald Trump — red tie and all — crawling out of a dog house outside the building. He is yelling up to a window that frames Melania’s less than a stellar image.

“Fake news! Let me back in Melania.”

Through that cartoon window, it appears as if Melania is watching TV and on the screen is a picture of Donald Trump with porn star Stormy Daniels, whom Trump is accused of having an affair with. The TV headline reads, “Trump Fling With Porn Star” and “Hush Money Paid,” which is seen below in a tweet.

Earlier last week pictures surfaced of Trump allegedly guarding his hairdo against the wind while keeping an umbrella over his head. At the same time, Melania stood unprotected without an umbrella on the tarmac.

Social media had a field day with this image as Melania made her way up the steps of Air Force One with Trump several steps ahead of her. The picture of Melania and her young son Barron without an umbrella, which is posted below, went viral this week. One social media user suggested in the caption of the picture, “President Donald Trump chivalry is as dead as a doornail.”

Folks on social media ran wild with the picture making claims that Trump’s hair “trumps etiquette.” This depiction of Melania left behind in the wind just added more ammunition for the critics of Trump to load into their vocal attacks. The picture caption also suggests that “Melania and Barron fend for themselves” in the wind. This came on the heels of the accusations that Trump had an affair with a porn star.

That porn star’s stage name is Stormy Daniels, and she is the woman seen in the picture with Trump in Darcy’s cartoon. Melania has a part in the cartoon image, a part she did nothing to deserve.

Trump is accused of paying “hush money” to this porn star right before the election and suggests the following.

“If any other evangelical-supported presidential nominee had paid hush money to a porn star, just before the election, it would have cost him the presidency.”

The paying of this “hush money” is just an allegation at this point. Both Trump and the porn star have denied both the affair and any payment between the two being called “hush money,” according to NPR News. also suggests that if any other elected president had these accusations sitting with them in the Oval Office, it would be a “major scandal.” They do not believe this is the case for Trump.

“But with Trump, it’s just a passing shower, barely showing up on radar, not a storm.”

As the commenter noted at the beginning of this article suggested, Hillary wasn’t dragged through Bill Clinton’s infidelity scandal the way Melania Trump is today.

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