The Apple Watch Series 4 Could Save Your Life

The Apple Watch Series 3, which features LTE capabilities, just came out in September and has received unanimously great reviews. Expert Reviews gave Apple’s latest smartwatch five stars.

“The fact remains, though, that the Apple Watch Series 3 in either 4G or GPS-only guise is the best smartwatch you can buy, regardless of platform, and for most people the best all-round fitness tracker as well. If you own an iPhone and you’re looking to buy a smartwatch, it’s the only sensible option.”

The debut of the Apple Watch 3 wasn’t all smooth. Several people reported LTE problems. However, all of the wireless carriers worked with Apple to correct the problem, and now the Watch 3 has become a huge seller. It took Apple three tries to make their smartwatch mainstream, but the effort has paid off.

Those who are on the fence about getting an Apple Watch may want to wait a little longer. The Apple Watch Series 4, which will likely be released during the third quarter of 2019, could be a life saver — literally. TechRadar has the news.

“The Apple Watch 3, in its current form, is already a helpful tool for monitoring your heart rate. But it could soon be even more vital, as Apple is reportedly developing a new wearable that features EKG technology to detect heart abnormalities.”

While some may think this is not useful, this type of technology can detect the onset of a heart attack and even save someone’s life. There has been a lot of research about this technology going on for the past few years, and the Apple Watch Series 4 could be the first mainstream consumer device to have this.

Apple’s next smartwatch will likely be released during the third quarter of 2018.

It’s important to note that instead of being called the “Apple Watch Series 4,” Apple’s next smartwatch could just be called the “Series 3S” according to Macworld. The website also claims that the new Watch could also have a round face instead of a square one — something Apple fanatics have been begging for since 2015. Apple’s new smartwatch could also be thinner and lighter.

This time around, Apple has some competition on its hands. One of the hottest new smartwatches is the Fitbit Ionic, a watch that Ben Sin of Forbes calls “a solid first outing highlighted by superb battery life.” He notes that at $300, it may be a little too pricey. Like others, Sin also believes that there are better watches out there for pure smartphone features. However, he also says that the Ionic offers an unparalleled fitness tracking experience.

Perhaps the Apple Watch 4 will improve its fitness capabilities, which are already very good, We’ll know very soon what Apple’s next smartwatch has in store.

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