Scott Disick Kids Reportedly Hate Sofia Richie, Kourtney Kardashian To Intervene In ‘KUWTK’ Drama

Scott Disick is saddened that his kids aren’t warming up to his girlfriend Sofia Richie, it has been alleged.

According to a new report, via OK! Magazine, Scott’s three children are finding it difficult to be around Sofia because they just don’t find her to be someone they are interested in getting to know.

One source explains how Sofia, in the beginning when she first started seeing Scott, would share an on-off relationship with the children because sometimes she’s shown the tendency to neglect them just to spend time with Scott Disick.

The report goes on to mention that Richie is super friendly with the kids at times while she also tends to ignore them at times, which is something that Disick’s children have definitely picked up — to the point where they simply don’t like her.

Scott Disick has found it incredibly hard to bring Sofia to events that include his children now because he’s said to be aware that they don’t want to share quality time with their father — especially not with someone that reportedly ignores them.

The father of three has now asked Kourtney Kardashian to step in and talk with their kids, in the hopes that they can come to some kind of resolution that will stop Disick from having to separate his time with Sofia and his children.

He wants them to co-exist in the same space but from how things have been going, it’s been difficult to make just that happen.

It’s unclear if Kourtney even has any interest in helping Scott and Sofia get on better terms around the kids, mainly because it was just a few months back when it was claimed that Kardashian didn’t approve of the relationship, to begin with.

Scott Disick and his girlfriend have now been together for well over four months and with things going really great between the two, the 34-year-old wants it known that the aspiring model isn’t going anywhere.

In this particular situation, Scott Disick is in desperate need to get Kourtney speaking with the kids about Sofia and how she’ll evidently now be considered family.

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