Cardi B Angered As Fans Slam Her For Offset Reconciliation Following Cheating Scandal

Cardi B is not happy that her fans are judging her for reconciling with Offset following his cheating scandal, it has been alleged.

The “Bodak Yellow” star was livid when videos from Offset’s phone had leaked, showing the Migos star in a hotel room with an unidentified woman, fully naked, as he asked her to get in the shower, insinuating that they had been intimate with one another.

Cardi B later admitted that her fiancé had cheated on her, adding that if it was to happen again, she would leave him in a split second.

But from the look of things, fans are not happy that the female rapper would even consider the idea of getting back with someone who had chosen not to remain faithful to her, particularly now with reports claiming Offset may have gotten another woman pregnant.

While Cardi B hasn’t addressed that particular report, she did take to Instagram earlier this week, subliminally letting people know that she doesn’t care about the opinions of others and that they should refrain from getting in her business.

“Stupid ass f**ks,” Cardi B wrote on her Instagram story, which Hollywood Life claims is a subliminal message to those who have judged the 25-year-old for taking Offset back following the cheating scandal and love child claims.

“Get off my d*** with the bulls***,” she concluded to say, clearly bothered by the backlash that she’s received for continuing to remain committed to the Migos star and still moving forward with plans to marry the “Motorsport” hitmaker.

As fans would already know, Cardi was proposed to back in November and it didn’t take long for TV networks to make their offers in the hopes that the couple will televise their wedding sometime this year.

No word on when Cardi B and Offset plan on tying the knot but it’s believed that they are considering the offers that have been made to them, with the ballpark reaching up to $3 million currently.

It should be stressed, however, as previously mentioned by the rapper herself, that if Offset steps out of the relationship again, their romance will evidently be over in an instant.

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