‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Hilary’s Heartbreaking Infertility Revealed

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) has a heartbreak ahead for February sweeps. CBS soap fans have seen that Hilary is baby crazy lately and it’s more than just a crush on little Sam Ashby. Hilary wants a baby of her own, but the problem is she’s got no man. Phyllis Abbott (Gina Tognoni) is ready to help Hil find love, but it takes more than a willing guy to make a baby. The latest Y&R spoilers and rumors hint that Hilary’s baby journey won’t go as she hopes.

Hilary’s Blind Date Next Week

Since Y&R spoilers tease that Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is getting a new love interest and isn’t giving Hilary the time of day, she needs a new man. Hilary admitted to Phyllis that she’s craving a baby and her BFF is ready to help. Phyllis knows someone else in Genoa City that’s single and looking for love. Ravi Shapur (Abhi Sinha) got dumped hard by Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) in a thoughtless way, and he’s wounded and alone. Hilary might be just the thing to cure his aching heart.

Plus, since Devon has made clear to Hilary he’s not getting back with her, she knows she needs to move on if she wants to find love and start a family. When Phyllis suggests a blind date next week with an eligible bachelor, Hilary tentatively agrees. Hilary is stunned to find out that Ravi is her blind date. One fan fiction tabloid site fibbed and said Devon crashes the date, but that doesn’t happen. Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) invites Devon to the table, but the music mogul doesn’t stick around.

Hilary Wants A Baby Badly

According to spoilers from She Knows Soaps, the blind date is Tuesday, but even if things don’t work out with Ravi, the lack of a man in her life won’t stop Hilary. Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Hilary may decide to go it alone and be a single mom. She can always find a sperm donor or purchase from a sperm bank, but the first matter is assessing her reproductive health to make sure her body is ready for a baby. That’s when this baby mama drama takes a twist.

Y&R spoilers hint that Hilary gets bad news about her fertility. It turns out she’s not a candidate for pregnancy. Remember, Hilary’s body has been through a significant trauma over the past few years. She fell off a cliff on her honeymoon then spent months being nursed back to health by her ex Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) while she languished in a coma. It was Dr. Neville (Michael E. Knight) that finally woke her, but the damage to her system was significant. That could explain Hilary’s infertility.

Lily And Hilary’s Common Ground

Hilary and Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil) hate each other and have never shared much in common other than dislike of one another. But if anyone can understand the heartbreak of infertility, it’s Lily since her cancer took her chance of ever carrying a child from her. Lucky for Lily, she was able to have the twins via surrogate, so Hilary might go to her nemesis to discuss infertility options. If Lily and Hilary could ever bond, it would be over discussing problems with baby-making.

Young and the Restless spoilers also tease that Hilary is open to surrogacy or adoption, but what she really wanted was to carry a child of her own. Since that’s not possible, Hilary will be crushed, and she might spin off the rails before she recovers emotionally and deals with the harsh reality of her infertility diagnosis. Still, there’s no telling what Hilary might do. Lately, Hilary has been trying to behave better but losing the dream of motherhood could push her back to her scheming ways.

Will Hilary come unglued when she’s told she can never give birth to a baby of her own? Catch up on the latest YR scoop with this look at the next two weeks of spoilers, Noah’s hurt feelings after Mariah confesses she loves his girl and the rumored return of Adam Newman who’s been hiding in GC all along. Watch CBS daytime for new episodes and check back here often for the latest The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.

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