Duggar Family Wish Joe Duggar A Happy Birthday, Get Slammed For ‘Impersonal’ Greeting

Considering the Duggar family have 19 children, nine grandchildren, and three more on the way, it is safe to say it is always someone’s birthday. The family typically makes a post on social media to honor the person (or persons as they have two sets of twins in their brood), but some fans have slammed them for these greetings, saying they are impersonal and more intended to show-off than to actually wish the recipient a happy day.

The family has previously been slammed in the past for some of these greetings, as many critics state that they use generic descriptors for their children and daughter and son-in-laws like “precious” and “sweet.”

The most recent greeting was slammed for not only being impersonal but also not focusing on Joe himself. Instead, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar filmed the video outside of a conference in New Zealand and spent most of the video commenting on how happy they are to be there and remarking on the beautiful weather.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar also pulled in a local, who bears a slight resemblance to Jay Leno, to wish Joe a happy birthday, which many critics found to be a little bizarre. He stated that he and Jay Leno have common ancestors from Europe and that Jay’s branch of the family went to America and his to New Zealand while Michelle looked on giggling.

The family did write a note that was a little bit more personal underneath, praising Joe for getting married and expecting a little one with his new wife, Kendra Duggar, later this year.

Joe Duggar has mostly taken a backseat to his sisters since the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting and the creation of Counting On. While his younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth’s wedding took center stage for the most recent season, Joe did get a couple of episodes dedicated to him. His wedding to his sweetheart was the season finale after the series showcased some of their courtship and engagement.

It is expected that the pair will now play a bigger role on the show as they continue to grow their family.

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