Dennis Quaid Busts Out His Six Pack At 64 While At The Beach With His Much Younger GF

Dennis Quaid might be 64-years-old, but he still knows how to rock those abs. The actor was spotted showing off his beach bod this week with girlfriend Santa Auzina, who clocks in at exactly half his age.

Quaid Busts Out His Six Pack

Radar Online released photos of Quaid’s beach outing, which occurred in Kauai, Hawaii on Thursday. A fit Quaid looked thrilled at the beach with his lover, who was spotted wearing a revealing bikini. The actor wore a pair of tropical board shorts and put on a huge smile for the cameras. At one point, Quaid and Auzina shared a little PDA on the beach, which included a hot and heavy make session. The two have only been dating since 2016 but are clearly in love like never before.

For Quaid, he wasn’t afraid to show off his six-pack for the cameras. He might be getting up in age, but he clearly hasn’t slacked in his workout regime. Apart from a walk on the beach with Auzina, the couple enjoyed a boat ride on the ocean, and Quaid even spent some time surfing solo. Who knew he was so talented on the water?

Inside Quaid’s Controversial Romance

Although Quaid and Auzina are happier than ever, their romance isn’t without controversy. The two came clean about their relationship in 2016. At the time, they were both married and subsequently divorced their partners, sparking rumors that they had cheated with each other.

Six weeks into their romance, Auzina came out and described the actor as her “soulmate.” Things appear good now, but they both received a lot of backlash from fans last year. They have not commented on the cheating rumors, but the timing of their relationship is definitely suspect.

Did Quaid And Auzina Have An Affair?

Quaid has been married three different times prior to his romance with Auzina. His first wife was actress P.J. Soles, best known for her parts in the horror movies Carrie and Halloween. He was also married to Meg Ryan and shares one child with her: Jack Quaid.

His third wife was Kimberly Buffington, a real estate agent with whom he had twins Zoe and Thomas, 10. Quaid and Buffington called it quits in 2012 but got together again before finally parting ways in 2016. A few weeks after they announced their divorce, Quaid was spotted on a date with Auzina.

Quaid Gears Up For New Audiobook

In addition to his romantic getaway, Quaid is getting ready for the release of his new audiobook, The Right Stuff, by Tom Wolfe. Quaid narrated the 1979 book, which was also the inspiration behind the 1983 movie of the same name, starring Quaid as astronaut Gordon “Gordo” Cooper. Quaid resisted the project by narrating the book, which contains some pretty memorable lines, like: “Who was the best pilot I ever saw? Well, uh, you’re lookin’ at him.”

The audiobook is a new venture for Dennis Quaid and the first time the book has been digitized.

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