‘Sister Wives’ Polygamist Kody Brown Turns 50, Family Celebrates His Birthday

Happy birthday, Kody Brown! The Sister Wives patriarch celebrated his 50th birthday on Friday, Jan. 19–read on to see how his four wives honored him!

Kody Brown’s first wife Meri took to Twitter to greet her husband. Meri wrote a short greeting with happy emoticons and posted an e-card image.

Meri and Kody have both admitted in past episodes of Sister Wives that their marriage hasn’t been truly smooth-sailing for a while now. In fact, Meri previously confessed to having an emotional affair with someone she met online. This person turned out to be a scammer, and Meri tearfully apologized to Kody in their reality show.

In the sneak peek of Sister Wives’ current season, Meri admitted that things are still tense between her and Kody. Despite this, the two are still very much together.

It was actually Meri’s birthday on Tuesday, and she spent it by having a movie date with Kody. Meri posted a photo of their night out on Instagram. She revealed that Kody agreed to watch Paddington 2 even though it wasn’t his type of movie. Kody and fourth wife Robyn’s 6-year-old son Solomon tagged along as their third wheel.

“Sometimes you just gotta get a kid involved to get him to take you to see Paddington 2 for your birthday date!”

Kody Brown’s second wife Janelle did not publicly greet the polygamous patriarch on social media. She did, however, post a sincere message for Kody on Thursday during their 25th wedding anniversary. Janelle, who has six children with Kody, called her husband an “amazing man” and thanked him for their “wonderful” family.

“Celebrating 25 years with this amazing man. The time seems to have flown by, yet I can remember all the details of the years past,” Janelle wrote on Twitter.

Kody’s third wife Christine also did not post any social media greeting for Kody. However, she and Kody are celebrating another family milestone. Their eldest daughter, Aspyn Brown, just announced her engagement this week, People reported.

Aspyn’s exciting news comes just months after her brother Logan (Kody’s son with Janelle) also announced his engagement. Kody has two married children already: Maddie (his daughter with Janelle) and Mykelti (his daughter with Christine).

Meanwhile, it was Kody’s fourth and legal wife Robyn who posted a truly sweet birthday message for the polygamous reality star on Twitter. In her greeting, Robyn lovingly called Kody “handsome” and said that all his four wives are “lucky” to have him.

“I am so grateful for you, Handsome! You are the rock of our family. We are lucky to call you ours.”

Robyn and Kody were married in 2010, the same year Sister Wives premiered on TLC. They have two children together. Robyn has two older children from her previous marriage, both of whom Kody legally adopted.

Kody Brown and his unconventional clan have just returned to television with a brand-new season of Sister Wives. The new season, which will air its third episode on Sunday, follows the big changes within the polygamous family. Last week’s episode showed Mykelti’s crazy wedding preparations and Maddie’s baby announcement.

Sister Wives airs every Sunday, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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