WWE News: Former Member Of The NWO Believes He Will Be Wrestling At ‘Monday Night Raw’ 25

In just a couple of days, WWE will present the 25th anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw where legends will return, but are some getting back in the ring? It is no secret that there are dozens of huge names from the past coming back on Monday, and members of the nWo are among them. One of the founding members is Scott Hall and he’s heading back to Raw on Monday, but he may actually believe he will be in the ring for a match.

Raw 25 will take place at both the Manhattan Center and the Barclays Center, but no one yet knows which superstars will appear where. Some will likely just show up in segments or for quick one-off moments, but some may actually end up getting physical.

Scott Hall is one of the many legends who will appear on Raw 25 and he recently sat for an interview with X-Pac who is also scheduled to be there on Monday. The two good friends actually had one of the most memorable moments in Raw history when the 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) pinned Razor Ramon (Hall) in a huge upset.

Hall remembers the moment well, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“People of a certain age are aware that we did the first ever angle on RAW ever, when you beat Razor. It was an iconic moment on RAW. By the way, they showed it on RAW that you beat me. They don’t show me dominating you.”

That match was a long time ago, but is Scott Hall or Razor Ramon going to step back between the ropes once again?

While speaking with X-Pace, Scott Hall brought up the moment he heard from WWE to return for the 25th anniversary episode. Not only was he asked to come back and make an appearance, but the company also actually told him to bring his wrestling gear.

“I just got a text from the office that said, ‘Please bring your ring gear.’ I said, ‘Are you ribbing me? You’re going to tell me like three or four days in advance, ya know?’ Give me a little notice and for the right money, I’ll have abs showing. I said, ‘Now, how about I bring what I wear to appearances?’ I’ve got gimmick street clothes. But I think we’re going to have a rematch, so I’m just giving you a heads up. I think it’s about time I went over.”

Now, there are a lot of names announced for next week’s big episode of Raw, but there aren’t really any matches or segments yet confirmed. It isn’t out of the question for Hall to get involved in a match of some kind, but it has been a long time since he’s worked a regular schedule.

Unfortunately, his former tag team partner and another founding member of the nWo, Kevin Nash, won’t be able to be in attendance.

Next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw is going to be one of the biggest of all time, and rightfully so. Any show that can be on the air for 25 years is an amazing feat and WWE has every right to be proud of their accomplishment. Just seeing some of the big names from the past will be fantastic for wrestling fans, but seeing someone like Scott Hall wrestle again would be even more incredible.

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