‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Latest Casting Rumor And New ‘CBB US’ Promo

New Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal some more information about the upcoming season of the celeb edition of the U.S. reality show. First, CBS has put out a new promo that’s more extensive and offers new info. Second, there’s a hot new casting rumor floating around that would be quite interesting if it proves to be true. We’re just 20 days away from the Wednesday, February 7, premiere and here’s the latest news on the upcoming short season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

Brand New CBB US Promo Featuring Julie Chen

On Friday, CBS released an expanded CBB US spoilers promo that offers a few more details. It features the same graphics as the first technicolor promo but then offers new tidbits from none other than Julie Chen herself. Chen says that the cast will be made of “actors to athletes and everything in between.” Chen also says it will be a “star-studded showdown” and quips, “you’re welcome America.” What’s between actors and athletes remains to be seen, but it’s a bit more info than we previously knew.

What also seems evident from the new Celebrity Big Brother leaked house photos is that the short season (at just under three weeks) will have far fewer houseguests as the dining table is set for only 10 people. That’s not surprising for two reasons. First is that with a short season, you needed fewer contestants. Second is that there have been rumors that CBS is struggling to cast the show. Budget is a concern, so, as Chen already admitted, we won’t have any hot A-list talent in the CBB US house.

The Latest Big Brother Casting Rumor

The latest CBB US casting spoiler/rumor (also known as a “spumor”) circulating on social media is that former Disney kid and reformed troublemaker Lindsay Lohan might be among the 10 houseguests. There are a few hints that she might have signed on for the gig. First, Lohan is trying to reboot her career after it went off the rails thanks to meltdowns in her 20s, a few arrests, and some jail time. Second, she’s been out promoting herself even though she has no new projects.

Last week, Lindsay did The Wendy Williams Show despite the fact that the host has mocked Lohan a record 120-plus times in her hot topics segment where she bashes infamous celebs in the spotlight. Despite Williams raking her over the coals hundreds of times, Lohan sat for the interview and brought her whole family along. The video has scored a million views on YouTube and begs the question of why Lohan subjected herself to it without a movie or other project to promote.

Other Signs Lohan Might Join CBB US

Could it be that Lindsay is trying to build up interest before she goes into the Big Brother house? BB producer Allison Grodner and host Julie Chen have openly admitted they’re looking for candidates with significant social media followings to help ratings. Lohan has nearly 10 million Twitter followers and a history of flirting with the franchise. Back in 2012, Lindsay was heavily rumored to be in talks for the UK edition of CBB, but the gossip says they couldn’t come to a financial arrangement.

Then, in 2015, The Mirror reported that Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, was in “final talks” for CBB UK, but they couldn’t seal the deal. As for Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, his most notable appearance on reality TV was Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Lindsay’s IMDb page is pretty bare of recent entries. She did eight episodes of a UK show called Sick Note and has a B-horror movie coming out this year. Then recently on Twitter, Lohan begged Joss Whedon to cast her as Batgirl in his next superhero movie.

While it’s doubtful we’ll see Lohan in a Joss Whedon mega-hit anytime soon, it’s realistic to think that her career is in such sad shape that she would consider Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. The cast of CBB US is set to be announced during the Grammys on January 28, so stay tuned! Check out the latest Big Brother spoilers on Jessica and Cody’s TV careers and be sure to watch the new CBB promo below. Check back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.


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