Kate Middleton: New Job For The Duchess? The Beauty Is Far From The ‘Waity Kate’ She Was Once Known As

Kate Middleton, though adored by royal enthusiasts and the masses internationally today, once was not a favorite of many. When the duchess first came on the scene, she was quiet and not comfortable making public appearances or speaking publicly.

Duchess Kate even earned herself the nickname “Waity Kate” due to her seeming reluctance to get involved with royal responsibilities. However, it is now clear that Kate was simply finding her feet, and once that happened, the duchess has done nothing but impress the public with her elegance, on-point fashion sense, and lovely demeanor. In addition, Middleton has managed to make herself known as an advocate for many charities and issues, including mental health.

Over the past week, Middleton and her royal husband, Prince William, have attended a number of events put on by various charities. Kate and William won over organizers so much with their caring and nurturing way that the pair were even offered permanent positions at one specific charity on Wednesday.

Express shares about the appearance at Coventry’s Positive Youth Foundation by Will and Kate.

“The couple visited the Positive Youth Foundation in Hillfields. The organisation works with young people who find themselves living in challenging circumstances, from those excluded from school to others at risk from a range of social issues.”

While there, Kate and William interacted with workers and volunteers while also chatting with the youth who are given support by the service. Experts at the facility were so impressed with Prince William and Duchess Kate’s way with the children that they offered the pair serious positions at the foundation.

The CEO of the foundation, Rashid Bhayat, spoke about what he witnessed when observing the royals on Wednesday and why he believes the two are the perfect fit for the Positive Youth Foundation.

“They were incredibly approachable and very well engaged – so much so I might even send them an application form for a job at the organisation. They were brilliant with the young people. They would be great to come and join us.”

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited a number of other charity foundations as well, and at each appearance by the adored parents of two, they earned praise and thanks. Kate Middleton has certainly come a long way from her early days as duchess and is kept entirely on her toes with her little ones and royal duties. The expectant duke and duchess will welcome their third child in the spring, as Romper reminds.

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