Donald And Melania Trump Divorce Rumor: Humiliated Melania Could Seek Split As Public Starts To Turn On Her

Donald and Melania Trump could be headed for divorce, with new reports speculating that the public humiliation of Donald’s alleged affair with an adult film star, combined with a sharp decrease in public support, could be the breaking point for beleaguered Melania.

On Friday, InTouch published the full 2011 interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels, who shared graphic details of her alleged year-long affair with Donald Trump. The affair reportedly started just months after Melania gave birth to their son, Barron, and continued until Trump lost interest.

As the sordid details make their way through tabloid magazines and even well-regarded newspapers, there is increasing speculation that Melania Trump may seek a divorce. And there could be another factor beyond the affair itself, the Mercury News speculates, as the public, which once held Melania in high regard, appears to be turning on the First Lady.

Though Donald Trump been largely unpopular through his campaign and presidency, Melania Trump has generally found strong public approval marks. As Newsweek noted just a little more than a month ago, Melania was far outpacing her husband when it came to likeability.

“First lady Melania Trump’s favorable rating has skyrocketed 17 percentage points, to 54 percent, since the beginning of her husband’s administration, a new Gallup poll released Friday shows,” the report noted. “President Donald Trump’s number is about the same—except it’s an unfavorable rating of 56 percent, nearly unchanged from January’s 55 percent.”

But that has been changing fast amid the rumors that Donald Trump cheated on her with Stormy Daniels. Many people have actually taken aim at Melania, blaming her for continuing to support and stand by her husband through his allegedly boorish behavior.

Others have now taken to attacking Melania Trump for her husband’s controversies. When she tweeted a message on Monday commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, many attacked Melania for her husband’s alleged show of racism the previous week when he reportedly called African nations “sh**hole countries” during an immigration meeting in the White House.

The turn in public sentiment is growing for Melania Trump, leading to increased speculation that she may seek a divorce from Donald Trump. Previous reports indicated that Melania had been distancing herself from Donald, including a report that she had already planned to file divorce after the election but called it off when he unexpectedly won. Melania remained in New York for several months after Donald moved into the White House, and now reportedly sleeps in a different wing of the living quarters than her husband.

But the revelations from the alleged Stormy Daniels affair are now growing closer to Melania. Daniels claims that Donald Trump actually brought up his wife to the adult film star, telling her “don’t worry about her.”

Despite the growing rumors, there is no indication from either Donald or Melania Trump that they are headed for a divorce, and Donald continues to deny the rumors that he had an affair with Stormy Daniels.

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