‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Honors Youngest Son, Debunks ‘Roloff Family Feud’ Rumors With Jacob

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff took to social media on Thursday to honor her youngest son, Jacob Roloff. Jacob Roloff celebrated a birthday just two days ago, on January 17, and mom Amy posted a new photo wishing her “baby” a happy 21st. According to Entertainment Daily, Amy’s photo basically put to rest any rumors that the Roloff family had been feuding with Jacob.

Rumors of a “Roloff family feud” between Jacob Roloff and parents Matt and Amy Roloff have been ongoing for the last several years. The Inquisitr previously reported that Jacob was allegedly in an “ongoing feud” with Matt and Amy during the filming of Season 9 of Little People, Big World. However, Jacob Roloff never once claimed he was completely “estranged” from his family — only from his family’s reality TV series.

Jacob Roloff completely quit Little People, Big World when he was old enough to opt out of signing a contract. Jacob has, instead, been finding his own identity with his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, ever since he left the small screen for all of Season 10, which premiered on TLC in May of 2016. Much like Matt and Amy Roloff’s only daughter, Molly, Jacob prefers to “build his own life” away from the “phoniness” of reality TV, as noted by SpiritsWander last year.

Also, much like Molly, Jacob has reappeared, from time to time, in public social media posts with the rest of the Roloff family, even though his own loyal following, which he built up for voicing his own beliefs, knows he would probably never return to Little People, Big World as a career. With Jacob’s recent birthday, both Matt, 56, and Amy Roloff, 53, have said they are “proud” of their youngest son, who they call the “original baby J,” for being the person he wants to be.

Entertainment Daily wrote on Thursday that Amy Roloff’s recent Instagram photo with Jacob is “proof” that the alleged family feud is over.

Amy Roloff joined in with new birthday wishes for her “baby boy,” writing that she looks forward to seeing where the rest of Jacob’s life journey takes him. After ending her newest Instagram post by telling Jacob that she’s glad that he’s “back home,” some fans of Little People, Big World translated that into meaning that Jacob might be returning to TV.

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Amy Roloff more than likely meant that she was glad to see Jacob and Izzy back home from their trip last month to Iceland. However, as Entertainment Daily suggested, Amy’s photo caption might have actually meant that “they have turned a corner.”

“The photos warmed the hearts of many LPBW fans that love the show and have long mourned Jacob’s disappearance from the TLC series.”

However, Thursday’s article on Entertainment Daily did touch on the fact that Jacob Roloff only ever just “slammed” Little People, Big World — not his family — due to alleged staging and fakery, with some scripts that Jacob said would ultimately bring tears to his “mom’s eyes.”

Radar Online shared in November of last year that any hurt feelings that Jacob Roloff might have felt against his parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, were reportedly due to “forced” participation in Little People, Big World as a child, allegedly without pay.