Robert Pattinson Is A Professional At Sex, Or So He Claims

Robert Pattinson is a single man after he and FKA Twigs ended their engagement in October, but now his love life is as mysterious as it has ever been. The Twilight actor has never been one to reveal much about his private life, but in a new interview with W Magazine, he had a surprising answer to a question about his first job.

Pattinson’s First Job Was “Sex”

When W’s Lynn Hirschberg told Pattinson that she was going to ask him about “firsts,” and she expected a quick response – the first thing that came to his mind – she started by asking him, “first job?”

Pattinson immediately replied, “Sex. I don’t know why. I’m terrible at these things.”

Hirschberg responded by asking if his first job was sex, and Pattinson laughingly said it was the first thing that came to his mind.

What About His First Red Carpet Outfit?

Other firsts Pattinson revealed included the first album he ever bought, which was Billy Ocean’s Greatest Hits, and his first red carpet outfit, which was at the Harry Potter premiere. The 31-year-old said that it was leather pants, a velvet jacket, and red cowboy boots. He said the outfit was insanity, but he was “so into it.”

The first email he ever sent was on AOL Instant Messenger to a girl he met in Colorado, and his first pet was a West Highland White Terrier named Patty Pat Pattinson.

On the topic of movies, his first favorite film growing up was The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, because he loves erotic thrillers. Pattinson added that he still loves the movie.

Hirschberg also asked the Good Time star some questions about holidays, including what was his most memorable New Years. Pattinson said that it was when he was 18 or 19, and he and his friends went swimming in the ocean. He remembers that the water was freezing, and it was one of those nights that was amazing, but calamitous.

Pattinson And Emma Watson Spark Dating Rumors…. Again

Pattinson continues to keep his love life low-key and out of the spotlight. Ever since his split from Twigs, tabloids have connected him to his former Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson, but there is no truth to the rumors.

Cameras also spotted him holding hands with a mysterious blonde at Seth McFarland’s holiday party last month, but no one has seen him with the woman since.

As for his career, 2018 looks to be a busy one for Robert Pattinson, with five projects slated for release during the year, including the two-part film The Souvenir.

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