Kyle Richards And Andy Cohen On Whether Lisa Rinna Was Fake Crying Over Kim Richards

Did Kyle Richards and Andy Cohen really think that Lisa Rinna was genuinely hurt when, during the last The Real of Beverly Hills reunion show, Kim Richards returned the blue bunny plush that she had given her as a gift for her daughter? During Kyle’s appearance on Andy’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, Kyle talked about the moment when Lisa shed a tear over the returned gift. While Andy didn’t outright accuse Lisa of crying on cue in order to get viewer sympathy, he did indicate that he now believes that Lisa played up her emotions. Kyle, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid to outright say that she believes that Lisa faked her tears.

During the after-show portion of the talk show, Kyle revealed that she and Andy, while filming the reunion shows, frequently give one another knowing looks over the housewives’ words and actions. Andy admitted that he and Kyle often share a secret dialogue when they can’t believe what they’re seeing and hearing. He then said that one such time was during the Season 7 reunion show, when Kim returned the blue bunny plush toy that Lisa had given her to give to her expectant daughter, Brooks.

“I will say one of them was when the bunny came out. Neither of us knew how to handle that situation. I think it was all the more uncomfortable because Rinna then was shedding a tear and she was feeling very emotional about that.”

Kyle, with a smile, chimed in to ask Andy if he really believed Lisa’s tear.

“Did you believe that tear? Tell the truth Andy.”

Andy Cohen confessed that he did believe that the tear was real “at the time.” He pointed out that Lisa is an actress who can cry on cue.

“Well I mean…at the time I did, yeah. I know that she can cry, I know that she is an actress and a good one and she can cry on cue, but at the time I certainly did believe it. Yeah.”

Kyle Richards said that while she could understand how Lisa Rinna was hurt by her sister Kim Richards’ action, the crying was “a little much.”

“It was a little much just for the bunny being returned to you, I’m just gonna say.”

On a previous season, Lisa and Kim feuded over Lisa’s questioning of Kim’s sobriety and Kim implying that Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, did something scandalous. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry at that time reacted to the drama by joking about what he supposedly did that was so scandalous. Lisa, meanwhile, defended herself by claiming that even a good friend of Kim’s thanked her for publicly questioning Kim’s sobriety.

On Season 7, Lisa attempted to make amends by giving Kim a blue bunny plush to give to her pregnant daughter. Kim accepted the gift but not Lisa’s attempt at friendship. Then during the reunion show, Kim surprised everyone by bringing out the blue bunny. She said that she never gave Brooks the bunny and that she was returning it to Lisa because she didn’t feel as if it was given with good intentions. As Kim added that she felt as if the bunny came with negative energy, Lisa looked stunned and devastated. The camera zoomed in close to her face as a single tear went down.

Earlier this season, Kyle Richards revealed that the day after the reunion show filmed, she ran into Lisa’s husband, Harry, while hiking. According to Kyle, Harry, angry over what Kim did to Lisa at the reunion show, initially ignored her and then told her that she needs to do something about Kim Richards and that Kim can’t be around Lisa anymore.

The bunny is now displayed at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse. On Tuesday night, Lisa Rinna made light of the bunny drama by proclaiming that he now has a better life thanks to Andy Cohen.

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