Kate Gosselin Receives A ‘Best Mom’ Award, And Her Fans Are Confused

Kate Gosselin is known for many things, and she certainly knows how to keep her name in the news, but being one of the “best moms of the year” is, at best, up for debate.

According to In Touch Weekly, Kate Gosselin — who, after a decade in the public eye, has received more than her fair share of criticism about her parenting skills and styles, to the point that it even cost her a marriage — posted on Instagram that her children gave her an award for being the “best mom ever.”

This latest award goes directly against the latest charges being brought against Kate by her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and his mother.

Two of my most inspirational pieces of ‘decor’ in my room… both have been here for a long time, but I just happened to look up at them tonight and they jumped out at me….when I needed them most! I love this quote because I try to live by it, and ‘The Best Mom in the World’ trophy is a prized possession from Alexis… #Inspiration #LifeOfAMom #MyKidsAreMy??

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In fact, Jon and Kate are battling out their additional custody issues in court presently.

In September of last year, Jon’s mother spoke to the outlet to claim that Kate Gosselin was abusing her children. What’s more, according to Jon’s mother, Kate’s children — her grandchildren — live in fear of their mother.

“If these kids spill something, they freak out and panic and cry as if we will hurt them,” she said.

Kate Gosselin’s abuse of her children was so bad, according to Jon’s mother, that they refused to get out of Jon’s car when he attempted to drop them home after a custody visit.

As it turns out, though, the judge in the latest Gosselin custody battle took Kate’s side.

The judge in that case ruled that Jon manipulated his daughter, Hannah, so she wouldn’t want to see her mother. When word got out that it was a manipulation tactic by Jon, the judge ruled that Jon could no longer share equal custody with Kate Gosselin, and he barred Jon from seeing Hannah for 30 days.

Happy 17th Birthday Mady and Cara!!! Love you, Dad

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When Kate posted a copy of the award for all the world to see, naturally, there were more than a few detractors on her Instagram page. However, it also sent the message loud and clear: whatever else people may think of Kate Gosselin, her children think she’s the best mom ever.

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