Jenelle Evans Launches Another Business: Is She Really Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ Behind?

Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of months. When the previous season of Teen Mom 2 aired, Jenelle was thrilled that fans would get to see her wedding, but she was furious that MTV edited the footage to make it seem like she and David Eason were having trouble. It’s no secret that they were both struggling with cold feet the day before their wedding, but things were blown out of proportion, according to Evans. She threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 because she was tired of always being the bad influence on the show. In addition, she deleted her Twitter account to prove a point.

Since then, it appears that Jenelle has tried various things to make money. She’s launched a makeup line, and yesterday, she revealed that she had launched another business. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans revealed that she has been working on a merchandise business. In her tweet, she’s referring to “us,” so it’s possible that it’s her business with her husband, David. Fans can expect to see merchandise with quotes and sayings that she has shared on Teen Mom 2. While some fans are excited about these products, others see it as a way for her to make money and possibly replace her MTV income.

“NEW MERCH! Sneak peek what we’ve been working on with the team. We’ve got new quotes, styles, hoodies, and some familiar graphics coming soon! Tag a friend and let them know! Follow us on IG JEShopInc,” read the update from Jenelle Evans’ tweet.

Jenelle has never talked about how much she makes. However, there are reports that she could be making close to $250,000 per season or even more. In other words, she would need to sell a lot of merchandise and makeup to replace her MTV income. However, Evans may not have an interest in filming the show if she has enough money in her bank account. For years, Jenelle did nothing except party, hang out with her boyfriends, and do drugs. She finally got an education, but she’s not putting it to good use. Since Jenelle is the bad girl of Teen Mom 2, it’s interesting to see if she can make these businesses successful and replace her income from MTV. If she could make the same amount of money, one can imagine she will leave the show behind.

Jenelle Evans is currently living in North Carolina with her husband, David Eason, and her children. It’s possible that David is helping her with this business. When they met, he was working, but it’s possible that he has quit to support her in her business ventures.

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