Chevrolet Introduces New MyLink System For 2014 Model [CES 2013]

Chevrolet is taking CES by storm on Tuesday after introducing its next generation MyLink system. The system, which will start in select Chevy models next year, has integrated driver technology using a touchscreen, driver controls, and voice recognition.

In announcing their new generation MyLink, the automaker also introduced new APIs for developers, allowing them to both interact with and build upon the new infotainment systems in GM vehicles.

Using these APIs, developers at AT&T’s hackathon were able to develop exciting new applications for the MyLink system.

At Pepcom and CES 2013, Chevrolet debuted the technology using its 2014 Impala, giving showgoers the opportunity to sit inside for a hands-on demonstration.

The 2014 Impala is a beautiful creation to start with, including sleek lines and a glossy finish, as well as an aggressive front grill. The infotainment system inside is also enough to make anyone who likes easy access to music, weather, and traffic want to buy the car.

The vehicle’s infotainment system is intuitive and easy to understand. The driver can drag and drop apps to the home screen for easy access on the center console display, as well as a smaller display next to the vehicle’s spedometer. The driver can either use the touch screen in the center console, or operate driver controls on the steering wheel itself.

To help the driver remain even safer while driving, they can also press the voice command button on the steering wheel and simply speak their request, like “Start Pandora,” or “Call Mom.”

CM Chief Infotainment Officer Phil Abram spoke about the next generation Chevy MyLink System, saying:

“There will be a category of apps that will be unique to our cars and very different from what people use today on their smartphones or tablets. It’s not just taking phone apps and making them functional in a car, which most car companies do in some form now. Instead, GM may approve applications that stem from vehicle ownership. For example, customers can choose to download applications that assist them in driving more safely or in a more fuel efficient manner, possibly decreasing the costs of vehicle ownership.”

Users will be able to integrate their smartphones or music devices, like an iPod or Zune player, into the vehicle’s system. The user can also plug in a USB device or transfer songs through Bluetooth technology. The vehicle is able to integrate music from multiple devices into the console for an easy variety of music all passengers in the car can appreciate.

GM has so far only allowed select developers to access remote APIs that use the vehicle’s OnStar system. But the new SDK will allow them to work with the actual car through the next generation MyLink system.

The company’s goal with the new system appears to be offering a vehicle that is intuitive to the driver’s personality, is easy to understand, and also enhances driver safety by keeping the driver from looking down at his or her phone to change the song or make a call.

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