Siggy Flicker Departs From ‘RHONJ’ And Viewers Could Not Be Happier After Reunion Special

Siggy Flicker announced a few months ago that she was leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Flicker claimed she was tired of being slammed and criticized for her behavior and she said that her co-stars were bullying her. There were also rumors that Flicker had lied about how the production team was treating her. However, the Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers felt that she was being too much, especially during last night’s reunion show. Siggy was rolling her eyes every time Margaret Josephs spoke even if it wasn’t in relation to Flicker. It had simply become too much, as she admitted to being petty and doing everything to make Margaret miserable throughout the season.

According to new tweets that surfaced during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, fans are excited that Siggy Flicker is leaving the show. After she was caught rolling her eyes, fighting petty arguments and trying to hurt her co-stars, fans are thrilled that they don’t have to deal with her anymore. Siggy announced that she was leaving the show because she felt that the production team wasn’t working with her. She felt that they were taking sides and editing the footage to favor the new housewife.

“Thank god Soggy is done, as she’s just completely off her rocker in this reunion. And in a pathetic way, not in a fun, point and laugh way #RHONJ,” one fan wrote on Twitter as the reunion special aired on Bravo.

“Siggy Flicker called out the girls as trashy and ironically her actions are trashiest to show up at someone’s party just to let them know they didn’t want to be there. And who wanted her?? Only [Dolores]! #RHONJ,” another person added, to which a third wrote, “Each episode of Siggy becomes more infuriating than the one before. PLEASE remove her from the show OR promptly accept her resignation if offered. I cannot stomach her hypocrisy and self-righteous any longer.”

As it turns out, several fans called for Siggy Flicker to be removed from the show. Perhaps some fans weren’t aware that Flicker had announced that she was leaving the show behind. She has revealed that she has no interest in filming a show that isn’t favorable to her, and she hints that what her co-stars have done to her over the past couple of months should be considered a crime. It’s uncertain what she’s talking about. Many have argued that she takes things completely out of context and she also takes things too far. When Margaret Josephs made a reference to Hitler not being a good person despite him being nice to her because she fits his desired type, Siggy flew off the handle. She used this argument against Josephs the entire season, making accusations against her that could be devastating to relationships and her career.

Siggy Flicker will not return for the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It sounds like the second reunion special will be her last episode.

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