Andy Cohen Confirms Bravo Was Invited To Funeral: Bethenny Frankel Should Get An Apology

Andy Cohen may not know all of the details when it comes to every Real Housewives show, but Andy is often asked questions on social media about upcoming seasons and new cast members. Of course, Cohen can’t say too many things about the upcoming season, but there have been plenty of discussions about Bobby Zarin and Bethenny Frankel this week. On Saturday night, Bobby lost his fight with cancer as he passed away. One can imagine that Jill Zarin is completely devastated as she started planning the funeral for this week. Given her feud with Bethenny Frankel, many fans expected that Bethenny would say something about it on social media or reach out to Jill personally.

So when Bethenny showed up with a camera crew at the church, people were quick to slam Frankel for using this stage to make peace with Jill. Many felt that she could have reached out to her personally instead of showing up with a camera crew. It didn’t take long for Bethenny to get slammed as people accused her of being desperate for fame. According to a new tweet, Andy Cohen is now setting the record straight. He explains that the Zarin family invited the Bravo cameras to the church. They were allowed to film outside, but they were not allowed inside for the service.

“Andy confirms this morning on his radio show: there were cameras at Bobby’s funeral. Not in the service, but outside. They were invited by the family. Bobby will be memorized this season. #RHONY,” one person revealed on Twitter after Andy Cohen announced the news on his radio show.

One person added on Twitter, “Sounds about right. Everyone can stop blaming Bethenny for the camera’s now.”

It’s interesting that Bethenny Frankel was getting so much hate on social media for talking to Jill outside of the church with the Bravo cameras present. Many felt that she was trying to film the reunion between them because she knew it would be great for the ratings, but Andy’s comment reveals that Bethenny should get an apology from her haters. Frankel didn’t plan on bringing the cameras to the church, putting The Real Housewives of New York before her old friend. Bobby had been a part of the show for years, so it makes sense that the Bravo cameras would be there without Bethenny.

Andy Cohen may not be able to dish the details about the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York, but he may have wanted to defend Bethenny, as they are friends. Andy also mentioned that Bobby Zarin will be memorialized on this upcoming season, which is something Jill will appreciate.

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