Meghan Markle Receives Curtsy At Cardiff Castle Months Before Officially Becoming Royal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have only been engaged for one month, but the former actress is already being prepared for royal life. Royal watchers have become fascinated by how fast Ms. Markle is adapting to being royal. Just recently, Prince Harry’s bride-to-be received her first curtsy during her visit to Cardiff Castle.

Just a month ago Meghan Markle debuted her curtsy for the first time to the public. Now, the royal bride-to-be is on the receiving end of one. People spotted a woman curtsying to Meghan Markle when she arrived at Cardiff Castle with Prince Harry.

The royal homage might come as a shock to royal enthusiasts because Meghan Markle is not officially a royal. Since the former Suits actress hasn’t married Prince Harry yet, she does not have a royal title. As a result, some would consider it too soon to curtsy to the California-born actress.

Ms. Markle’s curtsy has been scrutinized since the first time she bowed to the Queen at Sandringham on Christmas day. As per Daily Mail, a royal butler named Grant Harrold pinpointed Meghan Markle’s mistakes when she curtsied for the first time.

Grand said that the royal-in-training bobbed too low when she curtsied to the queen. Given that the former TV star hasn’t perfected her curtsy yet, some might think that it is too soon for her to be on the receiving end of one.

Even though she is not royal yet, Meghan Markle has endeared herself to the people of Britain. So, the woman who bowed to Ms. Markle may just have wanted to show the actress how much the British people have accepted her as a future member of their royal family.

Despite not having perfected royal etiquette, Meghan Markle certainly seems to have a natural grace with people, like Prince Harry and her future in-laws, Prince William and Duchess Kate. At Cardiff Castle, she stood side-by-side with Prince Harry greeting the crowds of people who were waiting to see them. According to BBC, the royal pair arrived late to the event and sincerely apologized for it.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were at Cardiff Castle to attend a cultural festival dedicated to the Welsh. BBC stated that Prince Harry is taking his future wife around England so she can familiarize herself with her new home.

Royal watchers believe that Queen Elizabeth will give Prince Harry a dukedom after marriage, like Prince William. So, it is highly speculated that Meghan Markle will receive the title of Duchess after she marries her prince.

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