Leah Messer Denies Reports That She’s Engaged: Who Would Be The Lucky Guy?

Leah Messer has revealed that she’s focused on her life with her daughters when she’s not filming Teen Mom 2. Even though Leah has gone on a date with a guy while filming the show, Messer has no interest in settling down with a new man. She is often talking about how she has no time for a man, but fans were confused when Dr. Drew suggested that she should get back together with Jeremy Calvert at the Teen Mom 2 reunion. It sounded like Dr. Drew knew something viewers didn’t know, and fans were curious about them getting back together.

But on that same reunion special, Leah revealed that it was awkward to talk about getting back together with her ex-husband. She also pointed out that Jeremy’s work was toxic and she had no interest in getting back together with him. However, rumors have now surfaced that she’s engaged. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer sounded surprised when she learned that people thought she was engaged. She denied these reports on Twitter and Leah was also curious to know who she was engaged to. Either Leah isn’t engaged or she’s trying very hard to hide her new man from the public. However, it sounds like it may just be a rumor.

When a fan asked her whether she was engaged, Leah firmly replied that she wasn’t. She also asked the follower who she would be engaged to. The fan revealed that she had seen it on social media somewhere and would find the source. If Leah was indeed engaged, one can imagine she would have shared photos of the man. Plus, her daughters would have spent time with him. Of course, it is possible that Messer could have hidden a man from Teen Mom 2, but since her daughter Adalynn is always full of surprises, it may be hard for her to keep the secret. It’s possible that Adalynn would have spilled the beans to producers simply because she thought it would be fun.

Leah Messer is currently focusing on her daughter and her education. One can imagine this Teen Mom 2 star has little time to date and get engaged.

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