‘Fire And Fury’ TV Series May Be On The Way: Rights For Michael Wolff’s Trump Project Bought By Developer

Michael Wolff’s book detailing the alleged chaos within President Donald Trump’s White House has been a big hit, and now a Fire and Fury TV series or movie may be on the way. Will people embrace this project if it does make it to screens, and how will the president react?

As soon as excerpts of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury started to emerge, President Trump and his team began lashing out at the author and the book. Publisher Henry Holt ended up releasing the book a few days early due to all of the buzz, and as Deadline notes, it has already set a new record for its publisher. Now, a development company has decided that Fire and Fury may be a good fit for television or movie screens as well.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a group called Endeavor Content has purchased the movie and television rights to Fire and Fury. At this point, a Fire and Fury TV series reportedly is the focus of the team at Endeavor Content, though there is no specific network attached as of yet.

Wolff will be tied to the project as an executive producer, and Two Cities Television CEO Michael Jackson will be a producer as well. It is too early to nail down the casting for a Fire and Fury TV series, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t already brainstorming possibilities. Of course, the bar is already set pretty high for some of the main players, given the numerous skits Saturday Night Live aired throughout the campaign and first year of the Trump presidency, but there are some great suggestions floating around.

The Hollywood Reporter has put together their list of suggestions, which includes Katherine Heigl as Ivanka Trump, Nicolas Cage as the president, and Ben Stiller as Donald Trump Jr. Newsday suggests casting Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jared Kushner, Liam Neeson as Steve Bannon, Steve Martin as Vice President Mike Pence, and Sofia Vergara as Melania Trump.

Will a Fire and Fury TV series or movie become a giant, instantaneous hit like Michael Wolff’s book has been? Obviously, the sooner Endeavor can get this project to screens, the better, considering the buzz over the book, but those anxious to check this one out will have to hang tight and wait for additional details. So far, President Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about the Fire and Fury adaptation yet, but chances are good that he’ll have strong opinions about it as things move forward.


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