Matt, Amy Roloff Set Rumored Differences Aside To Celebrate Jacob’s 21st Birthday Together

Jacob Roloff officially turned 21 years old and the Little People, Big World family gathered together and went out for dinner and some pool games. While Molly Jo and her husband Joel Silvius were not around, the night turned out to be a memorable one as Matt and Amy were both there for their youngest son Jacob.

Tori and Audrey Roloff, as well as Jacob’s girlfriend Isabel Rock, shared a number of short videos of the night on their respective Instagram Stories.

Tori’s videos included a shot of her husband Zach swaying baby Jackson, who Tori described as the “happiest baby ever.” Tori then shared a clip of Jackson who she said was watching his uncles, Jeremy and Jacob, play pool from his rocker.

Tori’s next couple of clips proved to be interesting, to say the least. The first of the two showed Grandpa Matt carrying baby Ember Jean while the next one was of Grandma Amy, this time, with baby Jackson.

Likely for the first time since Molly’s wedding, Amy and Matt was seen together. In previous events, either Matt or Amy was away on some trip and could not be with the rest of the Roloff family. This was the case last Thanksgiving Day as everyone but Matt was with Amy to celebrate the holiday. Come Christmas, the Roloff children and grandchildren took turns visiting Matt and Amy.

The latest controversy surrounding Matt and Amy came early this month after the Little People, Big World matriarch decided to throw an early birthday party for their son Jacob. As with the previous gatherings, everyone was there except for Matt, who apparently didn’t get an invitation, reported In Touch Weekly. Matt was in Phoenix at the time visiting his girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

A number of fans shared their dismay over the awkward family situation and accused Amy of banning Matt from Jacob’s celebration. Matt, himself, went on record to dispel any rumor and accusation thrown the Roloff family’s way. In a Facebook post, Matt expressed his frustration over the fake news about them and said that everyone, including Chandler and Amy’s boyfriend Chris Marek, are working together to keep the family together.

Matt’s words should be enough for people to stop questioning the current Roloff family dynamics, though the recent videos shared by the three ladies, as mentioned earlier, is a huge step in quelling the rumors.

Aside from Tori’s respective shots of Matt and Amy with their grandchildren, Audrey also posted a video clip of everyone at the table. The video shows Matt and Amy were actually sitting beside each other.

Perhaps the best video of the night is the one taken by Izzy showing Matt and Amy sitting beside each other. Matt was carrying baby Ember Jean while Amy had baby Jackson. While it’s nice to see the former couple beside each other, what may strike some followers is how seemingly at ease the two are. In one instance, Matt reaches out to play with Jackson, who was being carried by Amy.

Aside from the birthday dinner and Instagram Stories, other members of the Roloff family took to social media to greet Jacob on his birthday. Older brother Jeremy shared a photo of the two taken at Molly’s wedding. Jeremy said that he was fortunate to have Jacob living nearby as it allows him to enjoy talking and hang out more with his younger brother.

Izzy posted photos from three of the most memorable adventures she had with Jacob. The first one was taken during their first visit to Crater Lake while the second snap was taken from their cross-country road trip. The last is from their recent vacation in Iceland.

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