‘Star Wars Battlefront II:’ With Patch 1.1, EA Is Starting To Salvage The Game’s Damaged Reputation

Star Wars Battlefront II’s debut was a bit rocky. However, DICE and Criterion Games—the other developers who worked on the triple-A title—might still be able to turn the game’s negative first impressions around. Recently, DICE released Patch 1.1 which addressed some of the concerns SWBII players had with the game.

Patch 1.1 Discussion

Information on Patch 1.1 was released in Battlefront II’s official forum page. The new update introduced new content as well as changes to heroes, weapons, classes, and special units.

The nerfs, in particular, caught the attention of players. Player.One notes that several overpowered items were nerfed. In Patch 1.1, DICE seems to have leveled out the abilities of CR2, Barrage, and Blurrg-1120 weapons. Of the three weapons, CR2 and Blurrg-1120 seem to have been extensively nerfed while Barrage’s changes seem to be a bit more balanced.

According to Kotaku, Wookiee Warriors were nerfed as well. The deadly–but somehow adorable creatures–were so overpowered in the game players bugged the developers to nerf them. DICE makes good on their promise to nerf the Wookiee’s in Patch 1.1.

Patch 1.1 Shifts The Tide For Battlefront II

According to the developers of the game, fan feedback and bug reports were taken into consideration when the patch was being made. The developers also made sure to mention that not all of the fans concerns were addressed in this particular patch, but may be addressed in future updates.

Based on threads in the SWBII and Xbox One subreddit, gamers are beginning to see past the loot box debacle and base their judgments more on the content of the game. Some gamers couldn’t help but buy the game because they were Star Wars fans, so it seems the setting of the game still attracted players to buy it.

Others felt that the content was not the best but not all that bad either. Most gamers seem to agree that the graphics and overall look of Star Wars Battlefront II was well done and all it needs is a content boost. Otherwise, the game is still fun to play.

“I caved and bought it after they disabled the MTX and lowered hero costs. I have zero regrets. Some parts are a bit of a grind, and the game isn’t perfect, but it’s honestly a great game that’s a ton of fun. If you like Star Wars chances are you’ll love the game,” commented OnelinePlayer on /r/BattlefrontII.

“I personally still enjoy playing and have already logged over fifty hours of game time. I still have a ton of fun playing,” wrote Thor_2099 on the Xbox One subreddit.

Patch 1.1 doesn’t appear to have anything to do with SWBII player’s change of mood, but it may the first step to saving the title’s reputation. DICE seems to have addressed some minor bug issues and player concerns with the patch revealing that there are developers attached to the title who do listen to gamers’ criticisms and suggestions.

Based on gamers’ reactions via Reddit about the game, they don’t seem fully ready to give up on Battlefront II just yet. The biggest concern players seem to have at the moment about the title is progression. If the game developers manage to balance the progression of the game, it may attract players who have already lost interest in it.

“I logged about thirty hours. The story sucked big time, but the gameplay was enjoyable. I just hated the progression system…” said ArticFlamingo in the Xbox One subreddit.

“I would pay $30 for a stand-alone version of just the Space Battles. Put the progression, and random Hero tokens from the 2015 SW:BF and I’m happy,” commented SmallPotatoes on the same thread.

Star Wars Battlefront II‘s Future

Patch 1.1 is just the first update of many to be released for Star Wars Battlefront II in 2018. EA has lost the faith of many potential SWBII players, however, DICE and Criterion Games seem to have been working hard to restore it with upcoming updates and open communication.

Patch 1.1 reveals that the other two developers working on the game are seriously considering their fans criticisms. In fact, Criterion Games announced just last month that it decided to change its DLC lineup due to high demand for offline content. So, there might just be hope for Star Wars Battlefront II.

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