Joy-Anna Duggar Proves She’s Still Pregnant, Shows Off Baby Bump In House Tour Video

Joy-Anna Duggar recently used social media to give fans the first tour of her new house, and she also treated them to a brief glimpse of her baby bump. The pregnant Counting On star and her husband, Austin Forsyth, only have a few weeks to go before their little one arrives, but the baby’s nursery is still a work in progress.

On Wednesday, Joy-Anna Duggar took to Instagram to show off the results of all the hard work that she and Austin Forsyth have put into their first marital home. Her video tour of the fixer upper begins at the front door, where guests are greeted by a “Joy” welcome mat. The Duggar daughter informs viewers she and Austin are “still working on little things here and there,” but it appears that the couple has completed all of their major renovation projects. As reported by the Wrap, one such project was the installation of a laminated beam to support the roof. Austin had to put the support beam in place after he decided that he wanted the small house to have a vaulted ceiling. The professional house flipper told the Counting On cameras that the roof could potentially collapse if the beam wasn’t properly installed.

The vaulted ceiling doesn’t make an appearance in Joy-Anna Duggar’s video, but she does give fans a good look at her living room. She and Austin Forsyth have two leather couches and no television, and there’s currently a large stack of buckets and boxes full of tools sitting in the corner.

The front of the couple’s kitchen island features rustic wood paneling, which is a big hit with Joy-Anna’s Instagram followers. Jessa Duggar helped her little sister print out a few wedding pictures to decorate her new home with, and one of the photos can be seen hanging over a small table in the dining room.

“The baby’s room is still getting ready,” Joy-Anna says when she reaches the nursery.

In her baby’s future room, numerous items are piled up inside a crib and scattered around on the floor. Joy-Anna Duggar’s Amazon baby registry lists her due date as February 22, so she only has a little over a month to finish getting the unfinished nursery ready for her little one.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, some Duggar fans have speculated that Joy-Anna lied about her due date and has already given birth. These pregnancy conspiracy theorists believe that the Counting On star got pregnant while having premarital sex with Austin Forsyth, and this caused the couple to rush to the altar for a “shotgun wedding.” However, Joy-Anna’s video tour disproves the rumors that she has already given birth to a baby conceived out of wedlock. When she stops in front of a mirror in the master bathroom, her baby bump is visible.

“I’m still very pregnant,” she says.

Joy-Anna Duggar rarely shares photos of her baby bump on social media, so many of her Instagram followers were excited by its appearance in the video. Others praised the Duggar daughter for finding such a “crafty” way to respond to the rumors that she’s already given birth.

“Haha… love that you showed and said you were still pregnant! Hopefully that will shut the people up saying you’re in hiding because you already had the baby,” wrote one fan.

“Your house is so cute but not nearly as adorable as that little peek of a belly that I saw!” another commented.

“I love the kitchen island.. AND the baby bump.”

Fans will likely get to see some footage of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth working on their home when Counting On returns to TLC on February 26.

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