Chelsea DeBoer Reveals Heartwarming Story About Her Daughter Aubree

Chelsea DeBoer has been keeping a low profile in South Dakota over the past couple of months and one can imagine that this Teen Mom 2 star is busy with her kids. Watson Cole will soon turn 1-year-old and little Aubree is busy with school. Chelsea told fans on Teen Mom 2 that she’s now a stay-at-home mother while Cole DeBoer works outside of the home. However, it sounds like Chelsea is staying busy at home, as her daughter is taking her time to get ready for school. In a recent tweet, Chelsea opened up about what her daughter is doing as she’s getting ready for school.

The tweet that Chelsea DeBoer shared revealed that Aubree may be playing model before school. In the adorable tweet, Chelsea revealed that Aubree was playing around in her room before school, which caused Chelsea to question why her daughter wasn’t ready for school when she was supposed to be. Of course, Aubree could definitely be a model, as she has a rockstar personality, a gorgeous smile, and a supportive mother. Perhaps her smile is due to her grandfather, who is a dentist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Plus, she has the entire Teen Mom 2 fanbase behind her.

“Aubree was taking FOREVER getting dressed and ready this morning so I went in to check on her and she literally had gotten nothing done and I said what have you been doing in here this whole time?! And she said ‘I was making faces in the mirror… like a model,'” Chelsea DeBoer revealed on Twitter.

But it is possible that Chelsea DeBoer won’t let her daughter be a model. She seems like an overprotective mother, who won’t let her daughter model and skip classes so she can work. Since Chelsea didn’t get to enjoy her teenage years because she got pregnant at 16 with Aubree, it’s possible that DeBoer is protective of her children and won’t let them do anything that could result in them missing out on the fun things they get to experience in their respective schools, such as prom and after-school activities. DeBoer is already supportive of Aubree’s softball passion, as she shows up to support her whenever she has a game.

Chelsea DeBoer is currently filming Teen Mom 2 and it will be interesting to see what she will share on the show. Last year, her storyline was about her second wedding and her son, Watson, as he arrived in late January last year. This year, Chelsea could offer a brand new storyline.

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