‘My 600-LB Life’ Janine Mueller Weight Loss Pictures: See What Changes The 621-LB Woman Made After The Show

Janine Mueller appeared on My 600-lb Life in critical need of a change, and now viewers are hoping to see some weight loss pictures from the woman who topped the scale at 621 pounds.

Like many people who appeared on the show, Janine has lost her ability to move freely after putting on a dangerous amount of weight. The Seattle native was confined to a motorized scooter, which People magazine noted made it incredibly difficult for her to board a plane to Houston for what she hoped would be a life-changing and life-saving surgery.

By the time she arrived in Houston, Janine was desperate.

“I’ve tried so many things to get my weight under control, and every single thing has failed,” she said in a clip posted to People.

“So I know that this is quite literally my last chance to get the help I need to turn my life around. So I can’t fail at this. But right now, I’m so nervous.”

As the Daily Mail noted, Janine’s struggles with weight stretched back to her childhood and the obsession her mother had with Janine’s weight. Her adopted parents left her scarred, and their deaths sent Janine spiraling downward on a path of destructive behavior and dangerous weight gain. She topped the scale at 621 pounds by the time she was featured on the show.

While many people were hopeful to see weight loss pictures from Janine Mueller after her appearance on My 600-lb Life, TLC has been relatively guarded ahead of the screening. Though the network often shares pictures of its success stories, they generally keep them off social media and the show’s official website until after it has aired.

So while the episode hinted at weight loss for Janine after surgery and My 600-LB Life, viewers will need to wait to see it. Luckily, TLC usually does a good job of sharing the “after” photos once the episode has aired. There appears to be quite a bit of interest in whether Janine has lost weight, with her name trending ahead of the show’s airing on Wednesday.

More pictures of Janine’s journey after My 600-LB Life can be found on the show’s official page. The will likely be added after it has aired on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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