Stassi Schroeder Has Become The New Role Model On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Stassi Schroeder may not have been the most relatable person on Vanderpump Rules during the earlier seasons of the show. She was rude, she was cold, and she didn’t really take other people’s feelings into account. As a result, Stassi lost some friendships along the way, but she’s back in Los Angeles and she’s back on Vanderpump Rules. Her friends were able to forgive her for everything that had happened. Surprisingly, fans are starting to like Schroeder because she appears to be the voice of reason this season. Stassi was furious when she learned that Jax had cheated on Brittany Cartwright, as she had been in the same situation a few years ago when Jax admitted to getting another girl pregnant in Las Vegas.

According to a new tweet, Stassi Schroeder is now being praised for being a role model this season. Stassi immediately supported Brittany after learning that Jax had cheated on her. Some viewers are happy to see that Schroeder is defending a woman, who has been cheated on. One person even pointed out that Stassi should be considered a role model because she would never let another man disrespect her the way Brittany is letting Jax disrespect her.

“I love you Stassi, you didn’t play. You would never let a man disrespect you. Thanks for being the only role model on the show,” one fan wrote to Stassi Schroeder.

Of course, Stassi Schroeder was shocked when Brittany admitted that she had slept with Jax Taylor after he had cheated on her. Stassi didn’t think it was right for her to sleep with him after he had betrayed her, but she understood how Cartwright was unable to let go of her feelings for him. While Stassi was personally devastated when Jax cheated on her, she would probably have a different approach to the relationship these days. As the follower points out, Schroeder wouldn’t let a man disrespect her, so if her boyfriend cheated on her these days, she would probably break up with him immediately and stick with her decision. Even though Cartwright has chosen to stay with Taylor, her co-stars and friends are supporting her.

Stassi Schroeder is currently filming Vanderpump Rules with her former co-workers and friends. Since she’s now single, she will probably return for the next season of the show as well.

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