WWE News: ‘Royal Rumble 2018’ Top Superstar Entrant Positions To Win Match Revealed By Latest Odds

Next Sunday, fans will be watching the WWE’s Royal Rumble 2018 match to see which men’s superstar claims a shot at a championship for WrestleMania 34. Several of the big-name superstars already top the list of potential winners, including John Cena and Roman Reigns, both of whom are previous winners of this famous match. While the full list of entrants in this match is unknown right now, there are odds on the side of superstars who enter the match at certain positions. Could one of the entry numbers with the best odds end up producing this year’s winner?

Over at Paddy Power, there are winning number odds listed for entrant spots No. 1 through No. 30. Right now, the final spot in the match holds the top odds. The No. 30 position is at 5 to 1 odds, followed by No. 29 and No. 28, both of which are at 6 to 1 odds. The 27th entrant has 8 to 1 odds to win the Royal Rumble, while the No. 1 spot is next on the list at 9 to 1 odds. After that, it’s anyone’s guess, although the 16th spot holds odds of 16 to 1 for this year’s win.

Former WWE ‘Royal Rumble’ winner Stone Cold Steve Austin has won the ‘Rumble’ as the No. 27 entrant, the luckiest entry number in the match’s history.

Looking back at the winners over the course of the Royal Rumble match, two superstars entered at the No. 1 spot and one the match. One of those was Shawn Michaels, who won the Rumble back in 1995. The other is a man WWE wants most fans to forget about, as Chris Benoit was the first entrant in 2004 and won the 30-man match to eventually challenge for the championship.

WWE tends to reserve the final few entry spots for a big surprise such as a returning superstar, or one who may not have been expected to be in the match. For example, Roman Reigns was the No. 30 entrant last year. He lost the match which Randy Orton ultimately won. Triple H, The Undertaker, and John Cena have each won the Royal Rumble from the No. 30 spot though.


The No. 27 spot is one to keep an eye on. There have been four winners who entered at this match. Big John Studd did it in 1989, while Yokozuna claimed it in 1993, and Stone Cole Steven Austin did it in 2001. The other winner was Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who entered at No. 27 in 1994. However, Bret claimed a tie victory as both he and Lex Luger eliminated one another at the same exact moment.

This year’s Royal Rumble 2018 match takes place on Sunday, January 28 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fans will definitely be on the edge of their seats to see which surprise superstars show up at the sound of each countdown buzzer.

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