Scheana Marie Accused Of Deflecting Cheating Story: What Is She Hiding?

Scheana Marie learned a rumor that her ex-boyfriend, Robert Valletta, had supposedly cheated on her while they were dating. The rumor was about Robert supposedly kissing another woman. Scheana looked shocked for a minute, but then argued that she didn’t believe the rumor because Robert wasn’t the kissing type. Marie simply didn’t believe that he would kiss another woman, as he didn’t necessarily have the need to kiss her as much. People who watched the episode of Vanderpump Rules were shocked, as they thought she may have been in denial about what had happened.

Scheana’s co-stars were also surprised that she shut down the rumor so quickly. She had no desire to discuss the rumors with Kristen Doute, and she revealed that she didn’t think it was true. According to a new tweet, Scheana Marie’s followers are now wondering why she’s been so quick to deflect the cheating rumors. Of course, she wants to be there for him, but she didn’t entertain the idea that the rumors are true. They are no longer together and Robert has never said anything about the story. However, Scheana claims he has been very hurt by the rumor despite not saying anything himself.

On Twitter, the follower asked Scheana Marie why she didn’t want to talk about the cheating rumor and why she deflected the conversation when confronted with the rumor. She wanted to talk about Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s cheating issues instead. This begs the question: Is she hiding something? She’s been fairly open about her relationship with Robert, but she may not want two failed relationships behind her, where both ended due to lying. Her marriage to Mike Shay ended because he lied about his addiction, and if Robert did cheat, then he lied to her as well. Maybe she just wants to keep some things private, as her breakup could have been painful for her. It sounded like she really wanted the relationship to work.

Scheana Marie is currently single as she’s working on her show in Las Vegas. While her relationship with Valletta didn’t work out, it’s possible that they could get back together in the future.

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