‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Fans ‘Convinced’ About Season 8, Details On Brown Family Future ‘Minimal’

Alaskan Bush People fans are reportedly “convinced” that Season 8 is still in the works despite what’s being called “minimal” details about the Brown family future and the fate of the show. Fans continue to ask, mainly on social media, when the Browns will return to the Discovery Channel for a new season of their reality TV show. However, after the last new Christmas special episode aired last month, no new details about an upcoming new season have been confirmed.

With only rumors circulating about the nine members of the Brown family and the fate of Alaskan Bush People, fans are only further motivated to find out the truth about Season 8. Christian Today wrote on Monday that fans are still “convinced” that Season 8 will happen, especially since the Christmas special episode left off with Ami Brown finding out that her lung cancer had cleared. With the Brown family matriarch in better health, following a year of battling cancer, and Browntown moving to Colorado, fans are reportedly “expecting a whole new world” for Season 8.

As quoted by Christian Today, “Details about the show’s future are minimal, but many supporters are convinced that season 8 is coming.”

Rumors about what Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People will look like have been swirling since Season 7 ended five months ago. In Touch Weekly shared last month that Rain Brown had been spotted out with a camera crew, which leads fans to believe that new episodes are still being filmed. Rain has not confirmed filming for Season 8 but has admitted on Instagram that she “wouldn’t mind” filming a new season.

Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter, Rain, stays active on her Instagram account but never reveals details about the future of Alaskan Bush People. Rain reportedly remains in Southern California with a few other members of the Brown family as mom Ami recovers from aggressive lung cancer treatment. Only Rain, along with parents Billy, 65, and Ami Brown, 54, and four of her siblings filmed for the 2017 Christmas special episode, leaving fans to speculate about who might appear in Season 8.

Christian Today added that Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People ended “bittersweet” with cliffhangers for the Brown family that fans want to see addressed in the rumored next new season. The production company behind Alaskan Bush People, Park Slope Productions, notes on their website that they still “currently” produce the show that’s reportedly been called “an international phenomenon.” Park Slope also notes that ABP is in its “eighth season,” although, no confirmed news of Season 8 has been released.

Premiere Date also reports that the Discovery Channel has not “released any information regarding the future of” Alaskan Bush People, but fans speculate that a possible new season will probably pick up where the 2017 Christmas special episode left off. Even though Season 8 is listed as “not renewed yet,” loyal viewers can only assume that a new season of Alaskan Bush People will feature at least the members of the Brown family who filmed for the Christmas special.

Billy and Ami Brown, along with five of their seven children, appeared in the last new episode that aired on December 15, 2017, called “Home Away for the Holidays.” Matt, 35, Gabe, 28, Bear, 30, Snowbird, 23, and Rain, 15, filmed alongside dad Billy and mom Ami in Colorado, while previous clips of “Bam Bam,” 33, and Noah, 25, were shown. The last new Christmas special episode ended with the Brown family back in Southern California and mom Ami getting shocking news that her lungs appeared to be clear of cancer.

While Christian Today pointed out on Monday that details about Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People and the future of the Brown family members remain “minimal,” fans anticipate a new season possibly showing mom Ami undergoing cancer treatment in California, more of the Brown family during their trip back to Colorado at the end of last year, an update on whether the Browns plan to rebuild Browntown as Colorado bush people, and maybe even a few clips of Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown doing renovations on his recently-purchased “Fathom This” ferry boat.

Fans can only assume, at this point, that Billy, Rain, Snowbird, Gabe, Matt, and Bear remain in or close to Southern California with mom Ami Brown, while Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown resides in South Carolina with girlfriend Allison. Unknown is whether Noah Brown will return to Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People since it has “been rumored” that he departed from the small screen, according to Monsters and Critics. Noah announced his engagement to girlfriend Rhain Alisha Merrill via social media a few months ago, and Monsters and Critics shared that the couple has been living “separately” from the rest of the Brown family in another state.

Even though Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People has not been officially confirmed, all signs point to another new season airing soon, possibly in the spring of 2018. Fans continue to ask on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page visitor posts when the show is “going to come back on,” and hope for a “true” update on the health of Ami Brown since the last “good news” update during the Christmas special episode. A new report on People shared that Ami Brown revealed her “last treatment” was on December 7, adding that lung cancer is “going to be a part” of her life “forever.”

According to Ami Brown in the exclusive interview with People, she has to “go in every three months now for the rest of my life and be scanned to see if it’s back or not,” but Ami is reportedly looking forward to the future, whether it’s on or off the small screen, after her recent health crisis.

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