‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Ami Brown Is Now Cancer Free: ‘The Doctors Were As Shocked As We Are’

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has beaten lung cancer. The 54-year-old shared the great news and opened up to People Magazine about her experience during the treatment.

In what many call a miracle, Ami Brown is now cancer-free only a year after she was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer and was given a grim chance of getting through it. According to People, her latest scans on December 21, 2017, showed that all signs of cancer that had spread on her chest and back were all gone.

Ami shared that that day, she was expecting great news.

“I could just feel it,” she said.

Her husband, Billy Brown, added, “The doctors were as shocked as we were.”

“The doctors were as shocked as we were.”

Ami reveals that she allows the University of California Los Angeles to use her medical records for a case study because her doctors have not encountered her situation before.

The Alaskan Bush People matriarch went through a grueling radiation treatment and chemotherapy for months. Her weight went all the way down to 77 pounds, as she was having a hard time to eat due to the treatment and the side effects. Now, she is done with the chemo and is regaining her strength.

In an exclusive interview with People, Ami talked about keeping her faith, although it was hard to maintain a positive outlook all the time while she was dealing with her health crisis. She is grateful for the love and hope that the caregivers showed her while she underwent radiation and chemo.

“God gave me a great gift in them,” Ami said.

Ami Brown is still weak, but she is recovering well. She now appreciates food more than ever because of her experience when she could not eat anything. The mother of seven shared that she enjoys chicken, salmon, and rice, among others, and now she is back to 104 pounds.

Meanwhile, there is still a possibility that her cancer might return, which is why she would have to go for a scan every three months for the rest of her life. Ami accepts that it is going to be a part of her life. Ami is actually in remission, and to be fully considered as cancer-free, she needs to pass five years.

Nonetheless, Ami encourages everyone to never give up faith and to always walk with God, especially during the darkest moments. She hopes that her case will give others hope—she made it through the petrifying radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

“You have to stay positive and keep God with you because he really does perform miracles.”


Ami, Billy, and their children — Gabe, Bear, Snow, Rain, Noah, and Matt — relocated to California when Ami was diagnosed and given a rigorous treatment plan. They left their homestead in Alaska so that Ami will be near the hospital for her medical needs. The last season of Alaskan Bush People featured the Brown family as they faced the grim news of their mother’s cancer. Bam, who left the previous year, also reunited with his parents and siblings.

Alaskan Bush People fans and supporters are delighted to hear the news. On the show’s official Facebook page, people commented that it is a wonderful and great news and wish Ami well.

“It is good to see Ami well on her way to recovery,” one wrote.

“Awesome congratulations Ami, you had a long hard battle glad your doing better,” another one added.

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